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World Famous

November 1, 2013

Yeah, right….


So, somehow or other I ended up being picked for Tubrug’s satire regarding bios:


How many times have you been in a situation where you warp to a mission with Guristas rats then forget what type of ammo to use? Zero? Well if you did happen to do that, bios like this one by Helena Khan are dedicated to helping you in this scenario. This kind of bio is common enough that you don’t even need to turn to Google to find the answer. all one needs to do is click down the names in local till you find someone who has helpfully listed all the information you need to know to run a mission efficiently. The men – no, heroes – that post information like this in their bios have saved uneducated mission runners countless ships by informing them of the right tank to use. I’d like to dedicate this sentence to all those intrepid people.


So, in acknowledgement of the tone and intent of said posting, I have changed my bio to this:


ZERG – and proud of it •̪̀●́

Research services available. High end invention and copying. Contact me in game.

“The men – no, heroes – that post information like this in their bios…”
Thanks Tub 🙂

*** Damage Dealt ***
Amarr – EM/Therm
Angel, (Gist, Arch, Domination) – Expl/Kin
Blood (Corpus, Elder, Dark) – EM/Therm
Caldari – Kin/Therm
EoM – Therm/Kin
Gallente – Kin/Therm
Gurista (Pith, Dire, Dread) – Kin/Therm




Fly snarky 🙂



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