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Post 200 – Exploding Supers

October 23, 2013

Hi All,


This grabbed my attention:


Pandemic Legion setting an ambush against Black Legion. I was wondering when there would be comeuppance for the jumping all over the Goons backdoor step while they were trying to conduct a war. Not saying that it is in this particular case, or whether someone just decided it was time to defang them.


In any event – the last lines:


Update: More PL Titans have cyno’d into the fight. Expected Black Legion losses, if they do not extract from the field, will be approximately 30 supercarriers.

A PL stream view:


30 Supers – thats ouch material in anyone’s books….



From → Eve Online

  1. Aeon just went pop…. they’re working on a couple of Nyxes….


    According to a note on twitch 14 supers have gone all explody so far…

  3. Hmmm…. that was a bit ambitious. 6 Supers and 29 carriers so far….

  4. Thanks for this – gave me a heads up on what was happening and I was able to watch the twitch feed live. While very much a gank, it was interesting to see it unfold.

    • Big stuff like that doesn’t crop up in real time every day. And not usually in our TZ. Was absolutely worth a post.

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