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Good Morning

September 21, 2013

FeeFawFum KOS > Good morning =]
Eyes Wide Shut > Good morning =]
Foefire > Good morning =]
My Bountiful Eye > Good morning =]
Girls N Guns > Good morning =]
Drone Spunk > Good morning =]
Femme Furor > Good morning =]
Minmurdermatar > Good morning =]
Devil’s Water > Good morning =]
Queen Quafe > Good morning =]
Solar Sunrise > Good morning =]
Space Guppy > Good morning =]
Beyond The Invisible > Good morning =]
FeeFawFum KOS > woops. wrong chat =D
Helena Khan > Well, good morning anyways πŸ™‚
FeeFawFum KOS > And good morning to you too ☻

Just because πŸ™‚

There are times local makes me smile…



From → Eve Online

  1. -K- permalink

    *sniffle* you never say good morning to me anymore!

  2. Well, thats coz fuzzy head doesn’t sleep much. So I’m either walking the house trying to get him back to sleep or passed out through sheer exhaustion.

    By the way the package arrived today. Thank you from all of us. We feels speshulz πŸ™‚

    • -K- permalink

      YAY! Pictures please!!!

      You’ll laugh… but I very nearly addressed it to H πŸ˜› Had to remind myself you has another name too!

      • Now don’t you go trying to alter my ego :p

      • -K- permalink

        lol wouldn’t dream of it, you has almost as many personalities as I do!

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