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BB49 – I Midas Well Be

September 15, 2013

What is “rich” in EVE? Is it simply having more ISK than most everyone else, is it measured in raw numbers of some other ethereal quality? Can you actually be poor? Have you ever lost nearly everything and had to claw your way back? If you are rich, how do you know and how did you get rich?

Three points to make before I get into what it means to me:

1/. After a certain amount of iskies, the number becomes meaningless. It’s merely a way of keeping score.
2/. While having a lot of in game money gives you some leverage, it is quite separate to having power.
3/. There is value in learning, something that having too easy access to iskies will likely be denied to you unless you actively seek the knowledge.

Sit back. Grab some popcorn. This might take a while. Because the story of H starts back as it did before the revamped new player experience, a single character on a single account, with 5000 iskies (if I remember that rightly) and a hot civilian mining laser and pop gun to my name. If I look back now, it’s almost embarrassing how much I didn’t know. If wet behind the ears was a physical affliction, I’d have needed buckets for earrings.

Now, I’m sitting on the possibility of an industrial powerhouse that I haven’t quite figured out how to use properly. The problem is the same as then. There are things I don’t know. Transversal/fall off as an example of then, as is markets and trading now. The difference is I have the infrastructure (mostly) and the skills (mostly) in place. And that only comes with time…. and money.

To make money, you do need to spend money, be it investment in an incursion or mission running ship, or purchasing goods in one trade hub to sell at a profit at another. And it’s the gaining of that seed capital in the first instance that is possibly the most difficult part of all.

I’ve never been particularly space rich. There has been investment in implants, skills and ships for the alts on one hand, but it’s also never been all that important to me. I usually have enough for SHINY! whenever magpie fancies strike, but often times I don’t and have to plan and save accordingly.

That has actually served me quite well. Having to grind to an objective over time gives me breathing space to mull things over, and to fine tune what I need to do to meet that objective. Something which mission running tends not to have to do. Buy ship and ammo. Run mission. Reap a relatively fixed amount of iskes. Rinse and repeat.

Right now what I’m trying to do is ensure that the infrastructure I do have is self supporting to a large extent… i.e generates sufficient isk over time such that it pays for itself. Effectively self sustaining. Anything I can do to leverage said infrastructure to make more (a lot more hopefully) is a bonus. Especially if it is in an afk sense – your income isn’t tied to in game time.

Part of the barriers to becoming truly space rich is spreadsheets. I hate spreadsheets. I can do a lot of the intervening steps without an issue from a technical standpoint, but unless you have a good understanding of the costs and scope of your inputs as well as the value of your outputs, you may as well put your iskies into one big pile and set fire to them.

Lets take T2 ship construction as an example:

Buy the BPO and research it to a good level, then construct your T1 item – costs are: BPO (often very expensive), research lines, minerals
Copy the BPO (max runs) and choose the right decryptor for the invention runs – costs are: multiple copies, multiple inventions, multiple decryptors
Buy and research the T2 component BPOs, then construct the components – costs are: BPOs, moon minerals, construction lines
Manufacture the T2 ship using the invented BPC and the T2 components – costs are: construction lines
Sell the T2 ship – costs are: associated sale/contract costs, possible loss on item dependent on the market

Ancillary costs – how do you move the minerals/components/ships…?
Barriers – T2 BPO owners, owners of moon mining POS or other access to cheap supplies of materials. Others selling below cost.

If you don’t know the actual cost of each step of the process, you have the potential to build something for considerably more than what you could have bought it for. No one will buy at above market prices just to take it off your hands. Sometimes it is far better to concentrate on one section of the process alone, in a similar fashion of primary and secondary industries, esp if you can find one part of a process that has a high demand. Mining could be considered primary industry as an example and is always in demand. Essentially though, you need to do your homework first BEFORE starting out.

In fact there have been not a few occasions where I suspect I’ve done a crap load of work in EvE, just to end up transferring funds from my account into the corp one in a somewhat roundabout manner. Have said as much to my corpies too šŸ™‚

Did I mention I hate spreadsheets?

And then there is the whole setting service fees. Too high and you’ll drive customers away. Too low and you’re devaluing your efforts and RL time. Ugh. So much for the pitfalls.

On the plus sides, one of the more successful techniques I’ve used is bandwidth. You have three characters per account. Something like Planetary Interaction works well with this on extended time scales. Log in once per week and restart the extractions. No, it’s not as efficient as doing a 24×7 cycle in low, null or WH space, but it will bring you in a not insignificant amount of product in total. Depletion is less of a concern too. Set and forget.

Mining, especially ice, is another. Research, copying and material efficiency work that utilizes your POS slots to capacity is also a very good idea. All of these things are relatively low sp requirements that will bring in good income over time. Pausing your main for one month so you can get all skills to L4 can be a very good idea.

So. Rich. In pure numerical wallet terms, not great. In infrastructure and ships, OK. But as far as EvE goes, I’m rich in game time. Rich in skills, and above all else rich in knowledge. And I still have lots to think about, investigate and to learn. And that makes for a happy H.



P.S My corpmates and I bootstrapped it. We had no external support in any way to get to where we are today. There is a certain amount of pride in that.

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    You are very rich in the only way that counts, you got ME! šŸ˜€ Yeah I forgot to unsub again…eeek. My bad. But its only monies right? You guys would be lost without me so i guess I’ll cope.

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