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So Random

September 11, 2013

Hi All,

We were out at one of our kids prize givings for soccer in rather inclement weather. Or about normal for this part of New Zealand. My partner, who has an avowed dislike for all things sci-fi (with a special classification for EvE. All. By. Itself.) was wearing my EvE hoodie I purchased just before the store closed.

It’s warm, and since she’s several inches shorter than I, keeps her nice and toasty in the cold. Warmth > than style. Apparently 🙂

Anyways, I had to take the fuzzy headed one outside because of the crush starting with the next session of teams piling into a too small a venue. One of the main people for another team in our league paused, took stock, and very tentatively inquired of The Girl if that was, indeed, her EvE sweatshirt.

I understand there was commendable restraint as far as eye rolling goes, and she politely informed the gentleman, in a firm but clear tone (as I am also given to believe), that no, said hoodie was in fact the property of her partner. Outside. With the baby.

Needless to say, I laughed like a drain. Numbers have been swapped, and I may very well send an alt over to Gallente space to fly with some people who live within a 5km radius. Total strangers. Who I only got to meet because my partner snaffled some of my clothes on a cold spring night.

So random. Thats what she said 🙂



P.S I’ve never had anyone ask the same of me, and I wear the T-shirts. Alot. Perhaps it’s something to do with my ability to do grumpy – out to a radius of 500 meters….

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  1. mikeazariah permalink

    A couple of weeks ago I was wearing a t-fury shirt labeled ‘geek’ that contains tons of small icons of geekdom. Love the shirt, Was changing shoes at dance class when another student looked over and admired the shirt, as did his wife ‘You’d like that honey”

    He asked if there were any EVE ships on it and I said no, I wish there was. He looked at me stunned. “You know what EVE is?” At this point my wife rolled her eyes.

    “Yeah, I play.”

    “How long have you played?” he asked

    I am ashamed to say I gave the automatic cocky answer (the only thing that made it ok was my wife admitted the same answer sprang to her mind as well.) “Long enough to get onto the council.”

    We’ve gone for coffee you are right, (Wives sympathizing to the side and chatting as well) accidentally finding another player is . . . oddly magic.


    • Absolutely right 🙂

      Unfortunately the guys concerned have gone to the dark side… read their names connected with ganking on miner bumping.


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