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The Megathron Project

September 4, 2013

Hi All,


As you are no doubt aware, I have a pretty deep respect for the Megathron hull. Most particularly the Navy version and have flown one for the majority of my time in EvE. I’ve been tweaking and fine tuning my fit for some considerable time, and have ended up with a beast of a mission running ship, pumping out over 800+ DPS with 425 railgun IIs and an additional 300 DPS with garde IIs. All with good damage projection I might add.

Now I was somewhat curious to see how the changes with the release of 1.1 would stack up, particularly with the armor rep changes. With my skills, I rep over 1000 per cycle with the current fittings. In other words, there isn’t a hang of a lot I can do without spending truly ridiculous sums of iskies and making some sacrifices as far as the fit goes.

But there was another part of Odyssey 1.1 that I was very keen to try out, one that would coincidentally, could help out the Mega immensely. Now – where did I leave that Astarte command ship?

After some fumbling about (and remembering that you don’t see packaged ships unless you specifically click on your ship hangar), I put one together. Now, I’d purchased this some considerable time ago, and was distinctly underwhelmed at the time. Too cumbersome, too slow, and too vulnerable. With the medium railgun changes, the repper changes AND the bonus to both armor and skirmish links, I can honestly say I’m now very whelmed indeed.

One federation mindlink (which gives a bonus to both armor and skirmish links), and one passive defense and evasive maneuver II link later.. the signature radius of the fleeted Megathron has dropped from 385 to a near cruiser radius of 252, and the Astarte has dropped from 300 to 196.

Thats staggering. Did I mention that with the current T2 fit, it can push 740 DPS via CN antimatter out to 22 with a fall off of 56…? I hate to think what blasters will do.

Squee is an understatement. I just ran Infiltrated Outposts in record time. My shields didn’t drop below 84%. Combination of quick DPS and the reduced signature I have no doubt at all. But thats 84% shields for an entire mission – on an armor tanking ship….

Now as far as fleet doctrine goes – the Typhoon and Fleet Typhoons with their already high native speed and agility, along with their already very low sigs (320/330) in combination with skirmish links are a very scary prospect indeed…




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