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August 30, 2013

Hi All,


So after working a 72 hour week, and only having four days off in about a month and a half, I got to do some catch up in EvE. Was online for a while, and semi-afk when I noticed my evemail flash.

So, opened up the notifications, and there is was. I is a wanted felon! To the tune of a whole million iskies…. not sure if I’m insulted or not tbh.

Now, I have no idea of who the person to put the bounty on is. Or even if this is a case of mistaken identity given the author of the bounty seems to operate in low sec in and around Gallente space where I cannot go. Or whether putting a bounty on someone lets another attack them in high sec once the bounty is accepted.

I’ll have to do some reading on the subject… but right at the moment, I’m doing the high sec research thing and barely ever undock, let alone have the time to be consistently online.

In any case, having an insta-undock from station directly to our POS is a very good thing imho. And then there is red frog/blue frog for moving assets about. Did I mention I barely ever undock…. 🙂



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  1. A bounty makes no difference to CONCORDs response. It just rewards people who kill you.

    1M ISK is just an annoyance. (In fact, there are people who have been known to sit on busy stations handing out bounties on everyone who happens to undock just to be annoying. I think they upped the minimum from 100K to 1M to try and reduce the number of people doing that. Bloggers in particular get targeted.)

    If you had a bounty big enough it can make a difference in High Sec – as it makes you more of a target for suicide ganking. (From memory they get a pay out based on how much you lose, so it ups the chance of them getting a reward from the ganking, even if nothing worthwhile drops.)

  2. What Hermit said. My industrialist also has a bounty on her, and it never stopped her from flying the dark skies.

    Publicly available kill rights on the other hand…

  3. Appreciate the feedback peoples…. but still. It’s kinda bizarre….

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