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Marauder Rebalancing

August 30, 2013

Hi All,

By now, I’d guess most of you have had a chance to have a read this. I like the changes for a number of reasons, but most especially because it opens up a range of new and interesting tactics for use (sniper fleets!) over and above mission running. Golem pilots are going to LOVE the range extension…. and Paladins with their 7.5% level optimal will also be able to reach out and touch you 🙂

Damage application FTW. Yes, the changes make them extremely powerful in certain situations, but the downsides are also pretty significant.

You’re a sitting duck once the bastion mod is activated, but a plus 30% resist bonus across the board is pretty huge, especially in conjunction with the upcoming rep buff coupled with the hull rep bonuses, and any rigs you care to add. These things are going to tank like a tanky thing on tank steroids. No remote reps though. It’s not clear whether fleet bonuses/warfare links stack either.

The one concern I did have was as a POS bashing platform and whether with the EW invulnerability, it would be too strong. The other three racial defenses are more DPS based, but Caldari with its weak damage platform (missile batteries) are far more reliant on resists and EW. Right now, and if there are going to be no further changes and you own a Caldari POS, you should go and buy a neut battery. Possibly several….



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  1. P.S Cycle time on target painters is halved to 5 seconds. Finally!

  2. I like the direction they are looking to go with Marauder – its yet another new tactic that can be used in the game. Actually, the whole re-balancing process has been rather good for the game.

  3. Overall, I’ve been really impressed at CCP and how they’ve managed the changes. The mere fact that there have been no Jita riots and, remarkably, much lower levels of threadnoughtness speaks volumes.

    Fozzie, Rise and crew can certainly take a bow.

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