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Sunday Bloody Sunday

August 24, 2013

Hi All,


I’ve been keeping an eye on things, and there has been a diminishing of kills in systems with ice over the last 48 hours, sufficient to set my spidey sense a-tingling.

And I would not be surprised at all if there has been a conscious decision to reduce the apparent risk over a couple of days prior to hitting the belts big time. Like a crocodile waiting in the water for the first few brave souls to take a drink in order to lure the greater herd back to the killing zone. Possibly Saturday night, but I suspect more likely Sunday. We shall see.

Over on Goblinish wisdom, there has been the rather interesting statement from Gevlon that he’s basically liquidizing everything to set up a gank corp with a view to teach the afk miners, haulers and whomever else, well, not to afk.

Go have a read of the comments section. Especially for the apparently semi-philosophical discussion between him and Lucas Kell and others about the correct reasons for performing a gank.

Which strikes me a little like an ultra right wing group arguing with an ultra left wing group arguing over whose manifesto is the correct one to kill people by. Not entirely sure it makes much of a difference to the gankee.

“Oh. I was killed by the green brigade and not the blue. So thats alright then…”

Kind of gives me a tickle in my absurdity filter…. anyways – here’s the link:


Anyways, back to the original point… we wait and see. Hopefully people are prepared for a big rush. I’d note that the Goons have had another week to upskill destroyer alts, so D-scan and watching local for spikes is probably going to your best defense outside having eyes on the gate… and most ice belt systems only have the two gates.

It’s almost worth considering setting up a tab for destroyers only, and setting D-scan to maximum range (linked to overview)…. if you’re lucky, you’ll get a little over 4.5 seconds warning before they land. A bit hit and miss though given the cycle time on d-scan is 5 seconds.

Good to see fewer T2 kills going on though 🙂


Fly Smart,



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One Comment
  1. Well, colour me surprised. I really thought they may have gone for it this weekend. In terms of kills, Halaima was the place hardest hit, and a few macks and a Orca were snagged. 370+… but a long way from the 1000+ kills last weekend in Osmon.

    As far as it goes, it looks like they are being mobile with the hits, taking on one primary system followed up by targets of opportunity nearby, with periodic raids in out of the way places. Fuel blocks seemed to remain stable at about 16k in Jita. Need to check isotope prices, but overall it doesn’t seem like it’s having anything like the impact expected so far.

    In other news – RL is insanely busy. Covering shifts for staff off on sick and extended sick leave (I should never let an employee play sport. Ever.) Working 7 days in a row right now. Couple that with a small child on a four hour sleep cycle… very very tired indeed. It might be a while before the next post.

    2 days off this month. Luxury…..

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