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Shifting the chokepoint

August 3, 2013

Hi all,

As part of the upswing in research work, I’ve started collaborating with a group of people for work. Arguably, I’m lining the pockets of someone else, but being honest with you, I find the market and contract wars a wee bit tedious. This insulates me from having to locate the work and go through the sale process. It’s also been pretty fair to date.

Effectively, I select the jobs I wish to do and get them underway, predominantly doing copies…. but when you’re hitting 200+ max run jobs, this can be somewhat time consuming. Luckily, most component and drone BPOs are relatively cheap, so having 5 or more to enable you to do 100 at a time speeds things up immeasurably.

And inevitably, when you fix one choke point – you end up shifting it to somewhere else. In this case, we had the spare capacity at the POS and not enough researchers – and when POS fuel is as expensive as it currently is, you really want to be using it to capacity if at all possible.

So, I wondered how quickly I could create a research alt or two and what skills might be necessary. Turns out that it’s pretty similar to creating a scanning alt. Use your remap to change to an Int/Mem focus and you can have a reasonably skilled one in under a month, provided you don’t want to max out ME and PE research speeds.

As you do need to take the research skill to V in any case (which affects copying speed), the maximised ME/PE is something of a luxury if your main is paused. Similarly, taking lab operation to V to enable advanced lab operation and spending time to get it to 4 is a good idea (10 simultaneous jobs). Adv lab operation is a rank 8 skill however, so it’s the better part of a month to take it to rank V and not worth it imho. The only issue really is the cost of the skill books. I’d be setting aside about 20mil for each alt (don’t forget the all important scientific networking skill).

So. That chokepoint. Well….. now I have enough researchers (with two more still to skill up). Do we have enough copy slots…? Unfortunately no. D’oh. When I initially joined us up to New Eden Research, I was focused on providing ME slots for Alliance use. The down side is that mobile labs only have one copy slot. Advanced labs have three…. any guesses what I anchored?

I feel another POS coming on….. now, where did I leave that moon….?



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