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Blasters. In your face.

August 1, 2013

HI All,

Been extremely busy in the last couple of weeks. Between earthquakes, auditors (you want document control on the roster?!?!?! What the…..!?!?!??!) and small children, have barely had time to play EvE.

I have taken the odd time out though to check up on the happenings in the Alliance Tourney via youtube. Coz, you know, living at EU TZ +12 makes watching things live easy… not.

This has been my favorite match to date. CVA blasterboats all up in someone’s face. The commentators were right about the ratio of DPS to tank being hugely weighted to damage. And going after the tanky logi, versus taking out some of the vigilants…?

Anyways – I think from the time we have the go the total match was 3 and a half minutes, with the first Fleet Typhoon down in under one. Whoa. Little or no EWAR. Just raw DPS blasting right through the logi reps.

My favourite match so far 🙂

Anyone have any that they’d like to highlight?



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