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Random Stuff – The Earth Moved – More Random Stuff

July 21, 2013

Hi All,


Stuck at work doing a 12 hour shift. Bored bored bored bored magnitude 5.9 earthquake holy#$%ingshit!!!! bored bored bored 5.7 what the!??!! bored bored bored 4.8, 3.3, 4.2 etc etc –  yawn bored bored bored….

Not actually joking about the earthquakes though – the scary thing is they’re centered offshore only 20 to 40km from the city, and not that deep either. And that’s the third 5.7+ we’ve had in two days.

Anyways I did find a couple of interesting things while browsing away merrily (in between the moments of >gulp<).


Dotlan was throwing up a system as most violent with lots of kills – 300+. Being kind of curious, I pulled it up figuring it might have been part of the big war. And then I noticed faction ships… T2 fit only (um what?)… and tons of different alliances. Oh d’oh goes me. Thats the alliance tourney system. Go here if you want to have a look at how people are doing and what ships are being used:


On something of a completely different note – looks like they’re trying to build a Firefly Online game. It’s roleplaying based from what I can gather – but says is cross platform (iOS and Android). It’s a wee way away but could be interesting…


Lastly some really sad news – Dani from Voices from the Void is giving up her spurs. Completely, not just the podcast, but EvE as well. A real shame as far as I’m concerned – especially if what she’s saying is in any way shape or form correct. Go drop her a line.


Travel Safe




  1. -K- permalink

    Stay safe dear one, you are kind of important to some of us ya know! And maybe give some consideration to reporting in after the big ‘uns? Don’t know about the news there but on my side it gets kind of hashed up so we never really know how things are there.

    • Yeah sorry sunshine. Was at work when the 6.5 hit. As you can probably imagine, I’ve been pretty busy for the last few hours….

      • -K- permalink

        Yeah I knows, but I worries. Glad you are ok and it better stay that way. Thats an order!

  2. The Mighty Corv permalink

    That big one was a 6.5. We’ve been asked to stay home tomorrow while the building is checked. Weird thing was I had just looked out the window thinking “its really quiet, hope that’s not sign an earthquakes coming”. Then it hit.

    • -K- permalink

      even not having to go to work on a Monday is worth that kinda spooky 😦 that stay safe order goes for you too Corv! Just because you have strayed from the truth path doesn’t mean I don’t care 😛

      • That big 6.5 was more powerful than the Christchurch one… we were lucky. Bloody lucky.

  3. -K- permalink

    Bloody lucky indeed, when I heard about that one I couldn’t help but think about the footage from the chch one 😦 Sure hope its settling now, as if worrying about you lot isn’t enough, I have some very precious cargo landing there today (assuming the airport is ok?) and I would prefer them all to return unshaken!

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