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June 22, 2013

Hi All,


Finally went and did something a little more constructive with the POS and joined up with New Eden Research. It’s an alliance that provides research services to people that do not wish to or are unable to run their own tower. Essentially, your corporation joins joins up with NER, you choose a system where we have a POS and set up an office in system. You can then do any ME/PE from your corporation hangars in station. No need for blueprints to change hands, and as such is about as secure as you can make it. Rates are pretty good per line, though they do vary slightly dependent on location.  Go and have a look at for details.

I’m also going to offer invention and copying, which will entail swapping of blueprints however. Will have to see what the uptake on that is. In any case, the person requesting the invention/copying will be asked to supply all materials associated with the job, with the exception of any interface or tuner.

H has 19 million skill points in science, so you can assume at least level 4 across the board, and I’ll be doing a serious run towards having level all 5 skills over the next year (or two given how many there are), though I’ll focus on those skills with a high demand first. Rates for ME/PE will be as per the website, invention per job irrespective of success or failure, and any copying will be dependent on time taken.

Office rates in Gekutami start at 10k per month, and is a very good mission hub for Caldari pilots.

If you are interested, please contact me directly in game.


Fly safe




P.S Just waiting on website access to update MIRV details.


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  1. Fred permalink

    Under which character name would the “contact me directly in game” be?

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