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Exploration Blues

June 10, 2013

Hi All,

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but 3/10 and 4/10 sites in high sec will now no longer allow T3 cruisers past the acceleration gate. Why? Because of Tengu imho. From the Odyssey patch notes:

Exploration & Deadspace

  • Strategic Cruisers have been removed from the list of ships allowed to enter 3/10 and 4/10 complexes.
  • Randomly spawned large asteroids have been removed from wormhole mining sites.
  • 4/10 DED Complexes no longer allow Strategic Cruisers to enter.
  • All high quality nullsec combat anomalies now contain at least one NPC that warp scrambles.
  • Some NPCs in Hubs have been converted into the more advanced Elite Frigates and Cruisers to increase their difficulty slightly.
  • Some Elite Frigates have been removed from Sanctums and replaced by NPC Battlecruisers to increase the isk gain and reduce the time they take to complete for battleships.

OK, so CCP would like exploration to be a relatively low entry barrier. That I can understand, but totally nerfing T3 access so that competition is lowered in the combat sites? I’m not quite so sureΒ  it’s an effective long term solution.

Instead I think we’ll see the dawn of the dual boxer. Likely one specialized scanning frigate or covert ops, for scanning strength and speed and a HAC of some description to run them.

The competition will still be there, in a slightly altered form though there might be a little delay while people figure the best ships to use. It would be a very small, if any, adjustment for the a combat pilot to step out of his tengu and into a Cerberus for example.

I still dislike the can spew. A twitchfest is not a motivating factor for me, and as far as the hacking mini game goes, I’ve not failed one yet.

Part of the issue there is the fact I have max skills and T2 gear. Which means that I can attempt all of the nodes, which more often than not are either empty or have a utility which enables me to restore my hacking strength.

The upshot of which is that I can run around and click everything willy nilly with basically no fear of losing. It’s not a challenge at all at the higher skill levels, and would be an utter pain at the lower ones (I suspect). Think it was Nosy Gamer who basically said avoid all nodes unless you hit the system core at less than max skills.

So, essentially it’s not really an exploration expansion at this point in time with the exception of lowering barriers to entry imho. I wrote previously that I suspect it’s laying the groundwork for something special. It’s just that the something special is not here yet.

What we do have is some alterations to interfaces. New shiny overlays on some things. But in essence it’s very much the same. If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck….

Onto the ice belts. Well, they certainly do get mined out quickly during the EU and US TZs like I’d suspected and as a result, there is certainly upwards pressure as far as the markets go. I think white glaze was going for 200+ kΒ  iskies the other day. Ouch if you’re running a tower and cannot offset prices.

And I have to make special mention of James 315 who paid us a wee visit over the last couple of days. I make special mention, because, well I think he may indeed be special…

Lets just say that anyone who devotes that amount of time to bumping one specific miner in a belt when it is quite clear that he’s not going to pay up…. weeeeeellll….

[ 2013.06.08 02:55:28 ] James 315 > Eathotphotons Alienslime hi, are you a bot?
[ 2013.06.08 02:55:43 ] Eathotphotons Alienslime > No
[ 2013.06.08 02:55:48 ] James 315 > excellent
[ 2013.06.08 02:55:59 ] James 315 > Have you heard of the New Order?
[ 2013.06.08 02:56:40 ] Eathotphotons Alienslime > Yes.
[ 2013.06.08 02:56:50 ] James 315 > also excellent
[ 2013.06.08 02:57:00 ] James 315 > Would you like to give me the 10 million isk now?
[ 2013.06.08 02:57:31 ] Eathotphotons Alienslime > Pick any answer you like at the negative end of the specturm
[ 2013.06.08 02:57:43 ] James 315 > not so excellent 😦
[ 2013.06.08 02:59:07 ] Ricky the Rat > Hey James. I bought a liscence from PinkOboe a few months ago, just FYI. I comply and support your cause. πŸ˜‰
[ 2013.06.08 02:59:43 ] Old Salty > lol
[ 2013.06.08 02:59:52 ] James 315 > Ricky the Rat aye, I have you set to positive already
[ 2013.06.08 03:00:31 ] James 315 > you see miners, you can learn from Ricky the Rat
[ 2013.06.08 03:00:37 ] Ricky the Rat > No really. hehe. I even have a meme I made for New Order on the official art page for your site. The “Orca without and Icicle” one.
[ 2013.06.08 03:02:00 ] James 315 > I always love getting New Order art in my mailbox
[ 2013.06.08 03:02:25 ] James 315 > Gekutami miners you can see the wonderful artwork on the Links page on
[ 2013.06.08 03:06:07 ] Eathotphotons Alienslime > While you’re bumping me, you’re leaving the others alone. Fair trade I would say πŸ™‚
[ 2013.06.08 03:06:24 ] James 315 > Eathotphotons Alienslime not for you it isn’t πŸ™‚
[ 2013.06.08 03:06:53 ] Ricky the Rat > I think more New Order guests should come to our little party to dance as well?
[ 2013.06.08 03:07:04 ] James 315 > Ricky the Rat perhaps
[ 2013.06.08 03:07:18 ] Eathotphotons Alienslime > But I’m extremely patient, the fact that you can’t bug me makes it even better πŸ™‚
[ 2013.06.08 03:07:32 ] James 315 > Eathotphotons Alienslime you seem kind of angry
[ 2013.06.08 03:07:38 ] Ricky the Rat > Sad to see such pretty ships just sitting there, hanging still in space. lol.
[ 2013.06.08 03:08:50 ] James 315 > Hogan Itovuo I don’t believe we’ve been introduced. Are you a bot?
[ 2013.06.08 03:08:56 ] Eathotphotons Alienslime > Nah. Look at all the other people happily going about their business while you’re paying attention to me. Happy to trade my time for that πŸ™‚
[ 2013.06.08 03:09:22 ] James 315 > Hogan Itovuo answer me or you’re a bot who doesn’t get ice today
[ 2013.06.08 03:09:30 ] Eathotphotons Alienslime > Awww James. Giving up so soon…?
[ 2013.06.08 03:09:41 ] Tomalak Canada > Pretty womens playing EVE are better than pretty ships hanging in space. =P lol
[ 2013.06.08 03:10:12 ] James 315 > Eathotphotons Alienslime I have all year to convince you to get Code-compliant
[ 2013.06.08 03:10:37 ] Eathotphotons Alienslime > That would be a complete waste of your time πŸ™‚ Bring it on!
[ 2013.06.08 03:10:53 ] James 315 > oh, it’s already been broughten
[ 2013.06.08 03:11:10 ] Eathotphotons Alienslime > Is that all you got…?

So, you can see the power of the new order. One Stabber Fleet Issue and a whole lot of hot air. Tremble before it I says! Tremble!!!

Fly Smart – and tank your ships πŸ™‚


P.S Gun DPS on my baby jumped by just under 50 – which is starting to push her into Marauder territory…. and she now flies at over 480m/s…. not bad for a battleship… not bad at all πŸ™‚

P.P.S Suggest setting the following to -5 as a just in case… coz wardeccing James in his one man corp is a waste of time and while I think he’s full of hot air, there is something of a combat arm.

So be a little bit smart about it. The following are the gank squads:

New Order logistics

New Order death dealers


Alternatively – just set CODE. Alliance to -5 and make sure you’re D-Scanning for destroyers…. pass the word….

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  1. -K- permalink

    “combat pilot to step out of his tengu” whyfor you spout such utter nonsense? :p

    ” Pretty womens playing EVE are better than pretty ships hanging in space” well now… ‘aint that just grand πŸ™‚ THIS guy I like!

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