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99 per cent of C

May 31, 2013

Hi All,

A couple of days ago H turned 5. Just shy of the magic 100 million SP mark. Not bad for someone who has never remapped. To the breakdown batman!


Science remains the highest number of SPs (just) with Space Ship command coming in a close second. Gunnery, drones and mechanic make up a good segment of the rest fittingly for a Gallente pilot, though engineering and missile launcher operation are gearing up as we speak (can anyone say Cruise Missile V). Electronics has also had a boost in the last year for various ECM skills.

Yes, this means that finally, H is actually learning to fly Caldari. Still haven’t plonked my butt in a drake yet though. Or a Tengu for that matter šŸ˜›

Known skills 247. Skills at level V 119.

I won’t talk too much about the various alts, though my cap specialist is working on fighters V at present, really only leaving the fighter bomber and titan skills to consider purchasing and training. Still huge distances from being able to afford either a super or the big T however.

So… what does the future hold. Well, thats a damn good question. It seems there is something of an evolution going on out there in the EvE Blog world. Rixx being booted from the Tuskers and now has gone all frosty. Notably Roc Weiler appears to have joined up too.

The rabid carebear Mabrick (excuse the description) is apparently having a whale of a time in a C6 wormhole, and even getting some kills.

The new CSM is in place, and doing a damn good job to date from what I’ve read and listened to (way to go people!!!). Very happy with how things are progressing šŸ™‚ Change is in the air is all I can say.

So then, what about me? Well, I started writing this post (which has ended up being far more truncated than I wanted it to be) about four days ago. Essentially, the joys of being a parent have really nobbled the play time I did have. I log on regularly to be sure, but can’t seem to really find the time to have the good run at things that EvE really requires.

Hermit, I now understand completely your viewpoint on dropping everything at a moments notice, and the need for a permatank because of it. There is understanding, and then there is understanding.Ā  The baby is crying as I write this…. (please hold)….

…. annnnd, we’re back. Essentially RL interruptions means I’m looking for a way to make iskies that doesn’t require serious time commitments. Something H should be able to to given her sheer number of skills points. The problem is finding something that I enjoy doing that meets the criteria. Something that isn’t too spreadsheet focused if I can at all help it.

Watch this space.



P.S. The old portrait for posterity’s sake



P.P.S Best quote of the week “You’re a parent. Sleep happens to other people”….Ā  Gee. Thanks Paul šŸ˜›

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  1. Congrats on reaching 5 in EVE.

    I chuckled at your comment on permatanking. I don’t think it is possible to sufficiently explain what being a parent actually means to your life – you basically have to experience it for yourself.

    (So many times I’ve stopped and thought to myself – Oh, this is what Mum/Dad/Friend meant…)

  2. That is so the truth.

    I also never quite understood the old adage about insanity being hereditary, you get it from your kids, quite so well either…. šŸ˜›

  3. Reblogged this on intenseve.

  4. TurAmarth permalink

    You do not fully ‘grow up’ until you hold a 6lb 4oz (my daughter) human being in your hands who’s very LIFE is… literally in your hands. The hardest thing I have ever loved doing is being a “Da” as Boo puts it… (damn man, got me all sniffly here…)

    Enjoy it man… there is NOTHING like being a father…

    • The way I’ve been describing it is moments of utter joy, punctuated by explosions in the nappy department and sleeplessness šŸ™‚

      He’s totally gorgeous. Must get it from his Mum. Not that I’m biased or anything šŸ™‚

      I hear you Tur, I hear you!

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