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Angels Fear to Tread

April 30, 2013

Hi All,

I’m not entirely sure how I managed to get onto the main feeds of the bigger bloggers – but, um thank you, I think? No pressure. Suuuuuure πŸ™‚

In any case, I’ll endeavor to keep stream of consciousness at bay. Also need to split out the EvE fiction as a separate tag, even though it’s usually coupled to whatever is on my mind about EvE at any given time. Concord’okken was one such piece. It was an attempt to reconcile up coming changes with the Navy Battleships along with a certain amount of supposition as to the change to the ship itself. And from a number of viewpoints, all within game. Unsure if that came through well enough or not.

Anyway, the people who have read this blog for any period of time are probably already aware that my favorite hull to date is the Navy Megathron. I’ve owned this one specific hull for four years now, and while the skills and fits have changed over time, I thought I’d share the fit for posterity’s sake. Why? Because I have a foreboding about the up coming tiercide and it’s affects on this particular hull. Suspect they will change the damage bonus to a ROF fire one as well.

If you have a look at the proposed Hyperion and Megathron changes and the Navy Brutix (a very tough boat in its own right), I’m really not sure where they can go with this to differentiate, short of adding another gun… and I don’t think CCP are going to do that. After all, where will they go with the Vindicator and Kronos? There is the potential for real power creep here once you try and again differentiate between the Navy, pirate, and T2 hulls… or we end up with a comparatively weak hull by comparison with the proposed T1s.


Anyways – here’s a standard mission fit:


7x 425mm Railgun II

1x Utility High


1x Gist-A Afterburner

2x Federation Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Links

1x Phased Weapon Navigation Array (Target Painter)


1x Damage Control II

1x Imperial Navy Large Armor Repairer

1x Imperial Navy EANM

2x True Sansha Mission Specific Hardeners

3x Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizers


1x Large Hybrid Locus Coordinator II

2x Large CCC


Gun DPS is 775 with my skills and implants and CN AM. Optimal and fall off is 43 and 72. Drone DPS with Garde IIs is 300 with an optimal of 49km. The target painter is there for aggro management and to assist the effectiveness of both guns and drones. In other words, this ship can consistently push 1k DPS out to 50km. She is fast and flexible as well. I treat her as having a buffer tank due to the cap stability issues, though you could always replace one or more fittings with a NOS or Cap booster (some fiddling and implants may be required). If it starts to get too much, you can always yank the sentries, deploy lights and hit the AB to pull range.

The drone bay too, is big enough to warrant flexibility. ECs for jamming if you’re feeling twitchy. A flight of lights or two. Rep drones. Really up to you once you decide on whether you want to be in your face with Ogres or stick with sentries For me personally, sentries are easier to manage and tend not to pop as they crawl back to the drone bay. The near instant combined killing power, versus the travel time is a consideration too.

This isn’t the perfect fit for all people but has served me very well indeed. And, apart from the CPU constraints, she can be customized pretty well.

Now, generally speaking in EvE there are only two levels of paranoia. Sufficiently paranoid and insufficiently paranoid. Which begs the question, why did I post the fit when if could make me something of a target? Well, none of the individual components is much over 100 million iskies. Its a tough ship as well, which kills very well indeed. There are some missions that barely push damage into armor, let alone stress the tank. I live in a sucky TZ for most people – and we have a one month old baby at home. My time online at present is extremely limited. There is also the knowledge that I will likely be flying her on a very limited basis in the future.

But really, I’m doing this for nostalgia’s sake. This is a snap shot in time of the ship Angels Fear to Tread. An acknowledgement of the gains I made as a player with this one hull. She was largely behind what I consider my in game successes, allowing me the luxury of dipping my toes into other things.


Excelsior, Angel, excelsior.



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  1. -K- permalink

    Ahh yes she is a fine killing machine indeed, but have to say my fondest memory is of you having to bail out of a trouble spot that got too hot while my newbie self stayed on and tanked it out πŸ™‚ Couldn’t hit for peanuts back then but that was my first “woohoo” moment. Watching you chew through a room sure inspired me into a Mega for a while but fine ship though she is, just not my style.

    Time to play? I had that once….. 😦

    moar fuzzy head pictures!!!!

    • Have been thinking about you tbh and wondering how it’s been going. Usual SNAFU material? More fuzzies as soon as I get the chance πŸ™‚

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