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The Peeples Dun Spoked

April 28, 2013

Hi All,

It’s been a while primarily because of young one. If I thought I had little time on my hands before, I sure as heck don’t have much now. The CSM was announced earlier today my time, and I was very happy to see Mike Azariah made it. Voted for Mike a couple of times now, but I have to say the thing that made my mind up this time was the strength of the interview with Xander of Crossing Zebras.

I used a couple of the online voting tools to help, and listened to some (though not all) of the interviews. Also perused the forums, but wading through walls o text when I could be triaging my interests quickly or listening to the interviews while doing other things, meant I gave it a lot less weight. The candidates statements were the notable exception. Too much brevity and promises to fix their vested interest only lost points as far as I was concerned.

And then came the strategic part of the  decision making process – if you have a look at the following list you might pick up what I’m talking about:

Mangala Solaris

Mike Azariah







Steve Ronkulen

James Arget

Kesper North


Ali Aras

Non-bloc candidates is the answer. Or at least as non-bloc as I could make it. There is absolutely no point in voting for someone on the null sec overlords tick list unless they also are prepared to at least acknowledge the casual player such as myself. Unfortunately with serious time constraints, this usually means sticking with high sec…  and as we have seen repeatedly, there is a serious nerf high sec noise that permeates the null sec refrain.

Next on the list of important things to me were exploration, scanning, industry and T2 invention. Some of the Wormhole candidates were also extremely good at acknowledging and catering for other perspectives and play styles.  They also deal with a wide range of environments and, by consequence of where they live, know the pain of operating a POS all too well. Similarly, the Faction Warfare candidates were open minded about other styles too. Mangala made an awful lot of sense to me too, and I love the emergent gameplay that RvB brings to the table.

Actually did pretty well as far as who might get in as you can see – apart from the null sec bloc. So be it. There seems to be a a reasonably good balance in the CSM. And I’m very happy with that.

I was VERY glad to see Mike Azariah make it after a number of goes, and a little bummed out that Roc didn’t make it.  Marcus seems like a thoroughly decent guy – though we should have seen Marcus a lot earlier as opposed to Roc. Roc Wieler imho, is too much of an alpha male as he’s portrayed. Fair enough, but other alphas do not take kindly to that, and the betas, well, let just say that voting elsewhere could be considered understandable from that perspective. Marcus, if you do happen to read this, don’t be too downcast about it. Run again please, if the process hasn’t put you off too much. You have it in you to make a difference.

Jester was a bit of a no brainer, but I did have him fairly high on my list, purely in case that everyone else might have thought the same and he missed out because of it. Was glad to see Trebor get in again too.

It will be extremely interesting to see how CSM 8 performs this year, after what I consider the disappointing levels of communication from the CSM 7. While I know that we don’t see a lot of the inner workings/NDA’d stuff – the single best act of the CSM was not from the CSM as a whole, it was Two Steps POS thread Juggernaut. He has gone on record as stating he wished he’d spoken with the other CSMer’s more before going ahead, and acknowledges that there were differences of opinion, but as far as player advocacy from the CSM to CCP goes, I don’t think there was a single better thing done (that we are aware of).

In will also be interesting to see how much Jester has to throttle back because of NDA, but otherwise, I have some fairly high hopes for the CSM, both from the aforementioned advocacy and communication platforms. Don’t forget us little people. Talk to us for god’s sake, well at least as much as you can.

And above all, put aside any thoughts of a single environment bias. This game is just too big and too complex for that. All is interconnected. Don’t try and neuter one section of space to the detriment of everything else except your own little backyard. It will surely not end well.

Fly Smart,


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