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Resistance is Futile

April 2, 2013



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  1. -K- permalink

    I guess the sleep deprivation is kicking in cause link no work

  2. Not sure what happened there K… most bizarre….

  3. -K- permalink

    working now 🙂 wouldn’t want the rest of the world to miss out on seeing his adorableness. All that hair! Hes ALMOST fuzzy enough to make my clucky, which is usually reserved only for newborns of the four legged variety. Most humans I’m not so fond of.

  4. Belated congratulations and all the very best of luck!

    • Thanks Hermit…. I never thought for a moment that in one 24 hour period I would be able to identify the difference between Meta 1 through Meta 4 poop and all the gradients in between… oO

      Now, if we can get his “I sleep LOTS” clock tuned so he’s awake during the day, we’ll be fine…. 🙂

      • Rank V in the skill of Poo Expertise – one of those many little things people don’t tell you about, that comes along with being a parent. Pretty sure babies adjust their sleeping within the first 2 to 10 weeks, or was that 16? I can’t remember. Amnesia is another side effect of having kids – you seem to forget the worst of it after a while, which tricks you into going back and having another one. I suggest keeping a diary…

  5. Thanks for the tip Hermit. Heading off to the book store….

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