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January 26, 2013

Hi All,


I’d forgotten that I’d created our corporation this month… over four years ago. It was created for a couple of reasons – the first I have to admit was personal, and because of POS. It has been a source of much pride and angst over the years, absorbing quite a bit of time and effort with relatively little return… so far. It caused me to take up mining in a serious fashion… but only so far as ice mining goes. PI was another cause/effect result that I’ve got into in a fairly big way, again to support the POS.

But I have a few plans that have been kicking around for some time, and I think I should actually get off my chuff and get it sorted. The mental barrier of spreadsheets in space is holding me back somewhat, and frankly I find it a giant PITA to be reliant on others. I want to build big. Ships and the like and have the capabilities to do so. The only part missing from the T2 equation is moon goo…. and that’s a whole new set of pain if you’re trying to get it directly from the source.

Likewise with ammo, full capable of creating my own T2. But the relative gains versus building T1 and spending a little LPs for faction ammo… in many ways it’s just not worth the time when you weigh up the sheer number of steps involved.

Anyways, the second reason was to provide a haven for my friends after the fallout from the previous corp. It has been pretty successful if we take that purely into account. Growing the corp on the other hand, has not really been a success at all. We live in a PITA TZ as far as EvE is concerned. Which has a few advantages to be sure, but does not help as far as recruitment and retention goes. We also had some disagreements at director level about the required levels of (paranoia) API checks as well, but essentially has been primarily drama free. Life has not been helpful as far as regular and available time to put the effort in either.

Time going by has also meant clone upgrades for Africa… between the various alts I have over 200 million SPs. Which starts to become scary numbers if we’re taking combat and podding, and I can’t help wondering if it’s worth pausing one of the bigger alts and spending a month or two to have a good frigate based combat pilot at my disposal. The last alt I set up as a cyno/covert/scanner now has way too many skill points to be considered a throwaway. Oops. Similarly, I’m darned tempted to create a PI alt just for WH space. Was looking into nanite repair paste (for the new armor reppers) and there is a definite chokepoint.

One advantage of the time spent is BIG GUNS. With the exception of large projectiles, all of my alts have specialization to either four or five in the various large weapon systems. Elite certs in support skills as well. The downside? Well, I’m running out of skills that take less than a week or two to train. I’d say if you’re going to have a problem with training, it may as well be that 🙂


It’s CSM time again, and I have absolutely no idea whom to vote for. According to the various sources out there the majority of the incumbents are not going to be running again. I’ve had a little bit of a trawl through Jita Park to see if I can find new people to vote for, but to be honest with you the meta-gaming and mud slinging are a bit of a turn off. Even the sniping between some of the current CSMs in other peoples posts leave me a wee bit honked off. Unnecessary at best. A definite distraction from the process and the new candidates in any case.

What I would like to see (but haven’t found yet) is a candidate who wants to pick up the reigns for the following three things: science and industry, high sec, and exploration. Most especially exploration. It seems to be the forgotten orphan in EvE, when frankly it’s one area that could bring massive changes to the game and player base, and more importantly changes could be implemented with relatively little need to alter other areas. If you know of a good candidate, let me know.


Lastly, a wee word about CCP. There’s been a huge turn around from what was the summer of rage until now. Have a look at THIS. Devblogs as far as the eye can see. Big changes with armor repairs in the wind (CCP Fozzie at it again – does that man sleep?), and some really welcome info panel changes as well. From the scale of the changes to the transparency of the process. Wow. I may not necessarily agree with some of the pending changes, but have to give massive props to the Vikings.

Was also seriously impressed at the tone and steering of the POS thread initiated by Two Step. The support from the player base has been (for the most part) measured and thoughtful. Fantastic stuff. And people ask why we love this game. There really is nothing like it out there 🙂






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