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The LOTRO Distraction

January 23, 2013

Hi All,

While EvE Online remains my favorite game (yes I own several of the T-shirts –  much to my partners rolling of eyeballs), I will admit to having put in quite a bit of time into Lord Of the Rings Online over the last couple of years. And in recent times, time enough sufficient to have hit the end game areas.

I’ve already outlined that I consider the single biggest advantage that LOTRO has over EvE is putdownability i.e, the ability to drop everything at a moments notice without significant penalty. Even being killed is a relatively minor inconvenience.

Now, while I wouldn’t change EvE in that regard, it does have an impact on the decision making process on what I play. Am I going to undock in a several hundred million+ ship and go do what I want to do? Hmmm…. will I be interrupted mid-mission, dead-space, or CTA? If the answer is yes, I’ll turn to LOTRO more often than not.

But (like anything), it’s more complicated than that. LOTRO’s end game is surprisingly addictive, with the daily quests that repay you in tokens and experience – not just for your character, but also for your steed and your legendary weapons and items.

You can use those tokens to rebuild a ruined town, which also has the secondary affect of opening up MORE daily quests as well as sets of rather sexy armors (three sets for each character class). In effect, it draws you in and encourages you to log on once per day.

By comparison EvE Online has… erm…. not too much equivalent to that. We have missions to be sure, planetary interaction as well, but apart from gaining iskies, LPs and standings, what else do we achieve?

Sure, once your standings start going north, you get access to better research agents and higher level missions… but apart from assisting a corporation put up a Player Owned Station, and getting access to a couple of admittedly sexy ship BPCs at certain points, what else is there? What keeps us logging in, day after day, week after week?

Sure you could argue that there is PvP at the heart of it all. But honestly I think this is an area where I think CCP could put more effort in. If you want to retain subscribers and grow the player base there needs to be something special, something a little more valued, an intangible that is more than just more of the same, albeit harder or more complicated…

Don’t believe me…?

Then answer me this question: what happens when you hit 10 standing with a faction…




P.S I should have written “Hmmm…. will I be interrupted mid-mission, dead-space, or CTA by real life? If the answer is yes, I’ll turn to LOTRO more often than not.”

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  1. -K- permalink

    Well once upon a long time ago there was a group of corpies to keep both the laughs and the explosions coming and keep me logging in at random hours I don’t normally admit to being awake at. Now, not so much 😦

    • You and I should work out a time on a regular basis… life has changed pretty significantly for both of us in the last little while unfortunately. Oddly enough, my best time seems to be early morning while cherubs are still asleep. That won’t work for you I know, but perhaps an evening a week or something…? Need to sort something out because baby isn’t be too far off…. 8 weeks and counting…

  2. Updating buy and sell orders generally gets me logging in each day – but that is not on my main. I like the idea of something quick and worthwhile to log in each day for – but I wouldn’t want to feel like I am forced to! (I’m hard to please..) Nothing happens when you hit 10 standing, but there are several nice benefits at 8.5, 9.2 and 9.9 – Unfortunately the 8.5 I have is with Ammatar Mandate..

    • Sorry Hermit, your comment was in spam for some reason. Hence the delay. I guess my point is getting to 10 is a huge achievement. I know, because H is at 9.95 or thereabouts and the increases are now fractional at best. But the thing is… there is no thing. Literally. You get to 10… and nothing. Nada. Now I’m not suggesting the Caldari State declare an annual holiday when someone does, but there should be SOMETHING to register such an event.

      LOTRO doesn’t quite bring you cake and candles, but when you reach a serious milestone the rewards are not completely inconsiderable. While I’m not advocating that CCP start giving people out titles and achievements left right and centre, I still can’t help but feel it’s a missed opportunity. And it’s potentially something that could help drive engagement and player retention.

      • I had a link in my reply – so expected it to end up in Spam for a while. I have read a few times now that CCP are thinking about special rewards for long term players – but those will come for the number of years sub’d instead of reaching a certain goal. I think the faction ship BPC is a kind of nice reward for standing grinds – although many players wouldn’t be aware of them. Is it too easy to get to 10.0 now via Faction Warfare though? (No idea). I couldn’t face running that many standard missions! I’m also mindful of any old mission running bots which escaped the purges, and would be sitting on high standings and so would be rewarded.

      • All very valid points. I don’t think though that a player should be penalized for others behaviors, specifically re the botting.

        I’m not sure about FW either for that matter. Darn. More thought required.

    • -K- permalink

      Ultima Online always had sub rewards and they rocked. 9 years ingame got me some pretty epic stuff 🙂 Then I got hauled over to EvE and the rest is history and grey hairs!

      …and we all know the cake is a lie! (sorry, had to be said)

  3. -K- permalink

    Yeah that would be awesome if we can make it happen 🙂 Let me know what evenings are good for you and I’ll see what I can do. 8 weeks huh… scary stuff! And ya know, when it comes to staying in touch … there’s this newfangled stuff called email…maybe you’ve heard of it??? 😛

    • I can, also to a certain extent, change days around. I think the TOD is probably more the issue.

      Email? I tried chipping the messages onto stone tablets and sending, but the post office workers kept complaining about the weight.

  4. -K- permalink

    har har har…. ok so what TOD works for you then? Give me your time local and let ME do the conversion cause we know what happens when you do it 😛 FYI… right now is no good Mondays, Wednesdays and occasionally Sundays and Thursdays lol The next 2 hours belong to Sam so Im on my way out the door before I get in more trouble than usual!

    PS- I gonna need an address at some point in the near future for the sending of the reason I needed to know the plumbing situation 🙂

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