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On The Shoulders Of Giants

January 9, 2013

Hi All,

Have been thinking about some of the old blogs I used to follow that are either not defunct or haven’t been updated for a while, and some personal anecdotes from meeting some of the first ones.

These are the people who either directly or indirectly slowly drew me into the world of EvE blogging, and whom I’m sad that we’ve lost. Life goes on as always, but when one of these blogs goes dark, space just seems that little bit colder. My award, such as it is, is an acknowledgement to those that blazed the trail and set the groundwork for the community you see today.

Crazy Kinux – The blogfather. Much has been written about him, and his reinvention, so I’m not entirely sure I need go over old ground. It was however the blog banters and odd comment that probably was the single thing that started me off. I can distinctly remember being asked to fill in the EvE survey a couple of years ago, and got a bit of a surprise when I realised it was actually Kirth Kodachi’s Ninveah blog that I was using as my default and source point for links. The mighty had fallen… or at least moved onwards.

Mynxee – Hellcat and pirate. CSM chair. Humorous, sweet, sassy and quite capable of pulling your spleen out through your nostrils. And you’d enjoy it 🙂 An old local chat in GW from ages ago sparked off a later conversation…

[ 2010.03.12 02:05:11 ] Mynxee > /emote reads back in Local while doing her nails
[ 2010.03.12 02:06:33 ] Helena Khan > Black or deep deep blood red perchance? 🙂
[ 2010.03.12 02:06:46 ] Ga’len > blood most likely
[ 2010.03.12 02:06:55 ] Ga’len > blood of…….well…..those who were not nice
[ 2010.03.12 02:06:56 ] Ga’len > 😛
[ 2010.03.12 02:06:58 ] Mynxee > pink dammit!
[ 2010.03.12 02:07:02 ] Ga’len > lol
[ 2010.03.12 02:07:10 ] Helena Khan > lol – I belieeeeeve you 🙂

Unfortunately her blog has lapsed so there is no way for you guys to go back and have a look. A real shame imho. I’ve posted previously about her service to the CSM…  and made it pretty clear I thought we’d lost a real luminary.

Shae Tiann – Another Hellcat. Possibly has the best ever sidebar post, EVER.

“Stitcher > You can fit seven autocannons on a properly configured Loki. The muzzle flare from each of these guns is longer than the ship, which means you wind up flying an angry ball of GUN. I think it’s safe to say that this is the essence of minmatar ship. there is more gun than cruiser. It is apparently held together by SleeperTech chewing gum and pleading. The hell with duct tape, they’ve apparently decided that all they need to get the ship to stay in one piece is to be completely batfuck insane.”

I’ve actually met Shae in Iceland 2009, though I’m not entirely sure who was more embarrassed about it. Was perusing the T shirts for sale when a couple of people said something. So, I turned and saw a petite young woman, with reddish hair and a VETO T-shirt.


“Are you… Shae Tiann..”?  “Erm, yes..” “Awesome! I love your blog… blah blah blah blah blah”. Embarrassed pause. Turned out she and her boyfriend are lovely peeps. Anyways, semi-celeb squee moment aside, sometime later Shae went to work directly for CCP and was then a direct casualty of the layoffs. We talk a lot about the summer of rage, and what was achieved. Not so much about the human cost though…

The following were all regular reads as well who seem to have dropped off the radar in either one form or another. For those of you who have come relatively recently to the game these will give you an idea of some of the blogs that have gone dark in the last year or so, and just how it used to be: – Very good WH blog, one of the very few.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot of the other old ones I used to visit. And in all honesty, I miss some of the pirate blogs. It’s not a game style I care to follow, but the good ones used to be laugh out loud funny a lot of the time. Also learned quite a bit too… know thy enemy and all that ;p

There is one thing left to do – and that is to give a huge shout out to the other bloggers out there. You can find most of them through what I call the big three – Jester’s Trek, Eveoganda and Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah. Nosygamer almost makes that list too. It’s worth mentioning he has some extremely good links to a wider gaming community. Those of you whose blogs I consider must reads I’m already following – so you know who you are 🙂 Keep it up is all I can say!

There are three though I want to make special mention of: – I don’t think Blastrad is linked by the major players. Which is a shame given some of the excellent writing he does. – Eve Scientist, an extremely good blog whose blog I only found last year. On hiatus due to illness. Hope you are getting better Lorna. – Yes you Stan! For picking up the blog banters and keeping it going despite the massive changes in your life. A huge thank you from me.

There are times when I still stop occasionally to look back at what I consider almost a golden age of EvE. At the community back then, and the bloggers that used to make it what it was. To remember and understand that we, the bloggers of today, stand upon the shoulders of giants.



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  1. 2009 was when I started playing Eve, and subsequently started reading Eve blogs. Every one of the blogs you mentioned were the popular ones that I read too. It was their list of favorite blogs that branched out and opened up the doors for me to discover the broader Eve Blogosphere that I read to this day. You are right, they truly are giants, and we have giant shoes to fill.

  2. I forgot the split infinity boys and their podcast! D’oh! I really should go and have a look at one of my old hard drives and check out the bookmarks…. there’s bound to be more… oh yes, and the taxman chronicles – which are absolutely worth a read…

  3. “Soooooooooo I’ve recently trained the command ship skill, it appears these boats have potential to be mighty solo justice boats. HOWEVER actually getting in one is proving A massively expensive and futile ambition.


    …looking at eft and the market, I decide that Claymores are not only about a hundred million isk cheaper than Sleips but also POWERFUL JUSTIC BRAWLERS … Kenssy live very much on the edge when it comes to Isk as we tend to splash out any isk we get on spaceships, and then proceed to get those spaceships exploded AS THIS IS WHAT SPACESHIPS ARE FOR. So when I received some isk donations into my wallet from 2 people who are fans of my blog, I immediately SPENT IT ALL ON A CLAYMORE \o/ ”

    I sooooo miss Lady Shaniqua. GF GF

    • My favorite LS was the one with eve-uni where Keldun writes back…. utterly brilliant 🙂

      I love my shinies too, but the return on insurance for T1 vs T2 always makes me think twice.

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