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Failure To Bounce

November 21, 2012

Hi All,

I guess that it was going to happen sooner or later, but we had an FTB yesterday afternoon. One of my stepsons managed to fall on his arm the wrong way and now has a greenstick fracture in one possibly two bones.

The two hour wait in Accident and Emergency wasn’t the greatest, but he was actually extraordinarily patient about it. We went back today for x-rays and they confirmed it, so I’m at home with him while the plaster dries. Back to school tomorrow.

Minecraft gangnam style, a speech about the sun and Mr Bean have been on his viewing list so far. Don’t look at me, he’s a self starter as far as the internet goes.

The odd thing about the whole process was that, apart from him being comparatively subdued, and the fact that he was getting pain quite a bit after the fall, there were no other symptoms.

No bruising. No swelling. Arm looked fine. Even the doctor couldn’t tell whether there was a bone chip, fracture or nothing at all. He ate pizza and wanted dessert, and had a bed time story.

He’s normally quite a resilient little boy but jeez perhaps a little bit less tough might be a good thing….!





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  1. In situations like this it can often be the parent that needs something strong to take, and an extra long lie down afterwards. Kids are a frightful mix of both tough and fragile at the same time. Good luck with both your Son and your recovery!

    • Thanks Hermit. It really was the lack of fussing and carrying on that surprised me I guess. Especially from this one.

      I usually need the something strong when they’re both running full tilt… and more to the point, when they’re constantly fighting.

      But I have to say they’re both turning slowly from boys into fine young men. You can just about see them growing. Don’t ask about the grocery bills 🙂

  2. TurAmarth permalink

    LOL Two weeks ago My 10 y.o. son got fouled up in a climbing net on the swing-set and fell ’bout 4 feet… twisted his ankle something fierce and was freaking out about his little toe… but, he could make a footfist (you know flex and curl your toes hard inwards) and I was manipulating his foot by holding, quite firmly, around his foot just behind the toes… no prob.

    His mother (we are not together) took him in to Dr. and… 2 hairline fractures… AND not in his toes but across the growth plate on the top of his foot… ! I asked him later if he had felt anything there when I was looking at it the day it happened and he told me he has never felt any pain there… just in his toes… sheesh.

    But, we were ok… I took 3 tylenol, a valium a shot and a nap afterwards… =]

  3. -K- permalink

    Welcome to my world. Straight jackets to your left, meds and alcohol to the right. Make yourself at home 😛

    At least two of my 4 have my stupidly high pain tolerance, which while it may be a blessing to those of us who are slightly more accident prone than most, it also means you can be rather seriously injured without realizing 😦 You’d be amazed the way you can injure or break things and show no outward symptoms. I could seriously write a book on it. Trust me on this one, you will become very familiar with the ER procedures and learn to have a comprehensive first aid kit to hand at all times 🙂 Raising boys is not a job, its an adventure…with sound effects!

    Hope he heals well and you didn’t earn too many new grey hairs during this process.

    Oh… and I’ll swap grocery bills with you any day!

    • Rapidly becoming acquainted with the reality! I can tolerate a lot, but didn’t expect it to that degree from a child though. Pass me the Caol Isla…

      On another note – while I missed it this morning (already on the way to work), apparently the older boy helped the younger dress, brush his teeth, get breakfast sorted, made sure he had the sling support in place, etc etc.

      Best of enemies, best of friends. I’m really quite proud of them both 🙂

      • -K- permalink

        awww treasure those moments, they are rare but precious 🙂

        Wonder whatever happened to that bottle of Caol Isla you were sending me… most have got lost in the mail huh 😛

      • Well, the address somewhere near taupo is kinda non-specific… not to mention wrong country too 😛

  4. -K- permalink

    oooh almost forgot, tip for beginner players in the arm cast stakes, bandana’s make much cooler slings than those silly paper mesh things 😛

  5. -K- permalink

    errr…somewhere near Taupo? lol just how many people HAVE you promised a bottle to exactly cause that’s not me and never has been! But I seem to recall you where somewhat in said bottle when making that promise so I’m not really gonna hold you to it 😛

  6. And normal service has resumed: the kid has more top spin that a bjorn borg forehand. As if a broken arm is going to slow him down for ANY period of time…. sheesh!


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