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November 17, 2012

Hi All,

No doubt you’ll be aware of the drama that hit the blogosphere in the last 48 hours or so. I’d not be surprised too if you knew that there are a number of initiatives to secure some sort of central post for the bloggers out there.

We’ve seen the results of the stellar efforts put forward by Crazy Kinux, Seismic Stan, Rixx Jarvix, Marc Scaurus. There have been and no doubt will be others. We’ve also seen the results an individual trying to manage the sheer amount of data (and opinion for that matter ;P) over time.

It’s doable. But at a cost. We’ve lost people that way. They’ve had to step back. Sometimes life has thrown a curveball and they can no longer devote the time and energy to keep it going. We, as readers of many of the bloggers out there, have a certain “what we expect” from any central figure who volunteers for that position. And you could certainly burn yourself out trying to meet that weight of expectation.

Here’s the real question: Do we really need it?

Seriously, do we really?

It’s a nice to have, being able to log onto one website and see a ton of updated links. But is it worth losing yet another stellar blogger because of it? And then there are the judgement calls, who gets in who gets left out? Who decides? We’re an opinionated bunch and not afraid to voice our displeasure at the best of times. You’d need the hide of several rhinos just to survive.

My final point is this: organic growth and redundancy. I’ve found plenty of very good blogs by checking out the links of other bloggers. Ones generally not found through the big voices and ones I would have missed otherwise. The community too, will not fall if we lose a central point or stagger round aimlessly until someone else picks up the reins.

And all we as bloggers need do to ensure this redundancy is this one simple thing: keep our sideboards and links up to date.

The greater the web of connections we weave together, the more likely a lone voice in the wilderness will be found. It might not be what you want to read. It might not be in a style you like. It may be pitched too high or too low. The graphics may make your eyes bleed.

But the sum of our blogging parts is much greater than any other game I’ve ever been involved in. An extraordinary tapestry of builders and inventors, leet PvPers, wormhole dwellers and alliance grunts. Pirates and primadonnas, saints and sinners. All there to be found if just one blogger links to another.

As long as EvE is here, so will we be. Taking the short view, the long view and micro-analyzing every move CCP makes. And no doubt offering an opinion on each and every little thing 🙂






P.S Note to self – update links as soon as you get back to your main PC…

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