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One hull – Two Ships

November 1, 2012

Hi All,

There’s been a good discussion over the flying space potato (Dominix) over here. Unfortunately I lost a couple of them back some time ago in my first ever l4 mission. the Enemies Abound is not particularly forgiving… especially if you’re a Gallente pilot. Bad enough trying to do the first of the five, but number five with its timed spawns and faster ships doing explosive damage? Not a good combination.

Anyways, my response has been along the lines of get a Mega (Navy preferably). Or a Kronos. Mostly because of the instant gun DPS, but also because of the upcoming changes to the AI meaning more aggressive targeting of your drones..

In any case, I’m flying both ships at present with an alt taking squad boosting duties in the Navy Meg. With the both of them dual boxing, I’m tearing through missions exceptionally quickly. Gone Berserk was done in 10 minutes. Gurista Extravaganza was less than 20. It actually starts becoming a problem keeping up with the swapping targets. A nice problem to have to be sure.

The two ships both have their strengths and weaknesses:


  • 900+ railgun DPS to 36+30
  • Very good local tank
  • Double effectiveness of guns means half ammo costs
  • 3 spare utility high slots
  • T2 resistances
  • Only 75 drone bandwidth
  • Very low sensor strength
  • Training time and requirements

Navy Megathron

  • Very good buffer tank right across the board (more than 3k each on shield, armor AND structure)
  • 8 low slots versus 7
  • 125 drone bandwidth (approx 100 more DPS)
  • 175m3 drone bay for replacements/flight of light drones/ECM etc
  • 7 guns versus effective 8 and less gun DPS overall (less 200 DPS)
  • T1 resistances
  • Requires faction mods to fit and use effectively
  • Requires good skills in both gun and drone skills to use effectively

So, on paper the Kronos is more of a beast. And to a large extent it is. There is however one scenario where the Mega can win out – instant ranged DPS. With Wardens and Caldari Navy lead, it is possible to push 700+ DPS out to 72 + 30. Damage projection is more of a flat curve out to the limits of targeting and drone control range (you need a drone link augmenter in place).

They are two different ships requiring a different mind set to really get the best out of them. The Kronos is very much a blunt instrument. Effective and to the point versus elegant and flexible. Another way of looking at this is the differences in the DPS split between primary and secondary weapon systems 900+ gun 200+ drone versus 700+ and 300 (looking at base 36 +30 range i.e AM and mixed flight Ogre, Hammers etc and Garde IIs).

But I will always have something of a soft spot for the Navy Megathron. She dragged my sorry butt into being a much better pilot and got me out of some serious scrapes. She is a fine, fine ship with a great deal of flexibility. It’s nice to finally see she can best the Kronos at something.

Waiting to see the new look too…



P.S Note to self – go price a Federation Navy Omni link too….

From → Eve Online

  1. I’ll let you know how it all goes when I fit Sentry drones. Frankly I’m just looking forward to being able to call out “Gardes!, Gardes!”

    • heh 🙂

      Please do let me know. Be interested to hear how you get on.

      T2 Gardes are seriously good, though they have the lowest optimal and a very short falloff… but there’s a fix for that 🙂

      • Will do! It’ll be T1 sentry drones first. I’m only 4 and a half months in. Yet to attempt the awful prospect of any skill that takes more than 12 days to learn. 20+ for Sentry Drone Interfacing V is going right to the back of the queue!

      • Yeah… I remember vaguely how that was. These days for me I’m lucky if a skill is less than two weeks.

        Speaking of the drone interfacing skill, the 20% per level bonus to damage is huge. Assuming you’ve got that sorted?

        Doing well if you’re in a battleship and successfully completing missions at that age tbh. Better than I did anyways 😛

        Have you taken the time to look at cybernetics and get some implants? You can get +3s for just one level, and then it’s a step up to L4 to get the +4 implants. They’ll save heaps of time in the longer term if you want to delay a little now.

      • Only 1 level 4 mission so far. More attempts this weekend along with other standings grinds and some more mining.

        Drone Interfacing V may well be the first epic duration skill I embark upon, but it is still down the list behind Battleships IV and a whole host of other things, some of them core. The skill queue and the balancing act of “Stuff I Can Now Do” vs “Duration of Learning Stuff to Max” vs “Sense of Achievement” is still the toughest part of the game.

        Cybernetics is done enough to allow me to wander around with +3’s in all the time, I’ve not made the jump to installing +4’s due to a habit of wandering into dangerous places for a laugh. They don’t make all that much difference at the moment since I’m still looking at only 6-12 month skill plans but I have a set of +4’s ready to go when I get there.

      • Good man. Sounds like you’ve got it well sorted 🙂

        We bootstrapped it with basically no assistance and became quite proud of what we managed to achieve. I hope you feel the same way too.

        Just… don’t be afraid to have some remote reps waiting in the background. There are some L4s that are less forgiving than others… a LOT less!!!

      • I’ve had a metric ton of good advice from loads of people but I’ve refused all cash/ship donations to preserve the sense of achievement. Doing it the hard way is worth it!

      • I think you’re right about that.

        Oh before I forget, there is (very) occasionally a sync problem between client and server. We’ve seen it a few times and managed to get a Golem out of a mission on 7% structure as an example.

        It should have been easily able to tank the room, but for whatever reason (we suspect the invuls even though they appeared to be cycling weren’t active), it was dropping like a rock.

        I’ve personally experienced a couple of occasions where it appears that you’re receiving no incoming damage and you cannot activate any modules.

        Recognize it and get out straight away. Don’t stuff around at all.

        It’s a hard but good lesson when you lose a ship to pilot error. Not so much when you’re doing everything right and the game borks it all up. The logs will show nothing…. grrrrr….

        Flying back to a station with only two capacitor bars even though you appear to be in your ship will guarantee you suddenly find yourself in a pod once you dock.

      • Ok. Now scared.

      • It happens very rarely but it does happen. I’ve run probably thousands of missions but can count the number of happenings on less than ten fingers.

        Not so much of a problem if you’re flying a Tier 1 or 2 ship… but a blinged out faction ship with all the bells and whistles…?

        It’s rare and you know the signs now. Not much to see here. Go have some fun and blow stuff up 🙂

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