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Well #$%^

October 31, 2012

Had written a post comparing the  Navy Megathron and the Kronos and managed somehow to hit the back button twice instead of the del while editing. Consequence – no post. Awwwww, spit. Going to try and recreate tomorrow.

Trying out a new look too, because the old looked a darned sight better on a smartphone than on PC.






P.S – K we’re using blue 🙂

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  1. -K- permalink

    lol was wondering where my plumbing report was! Many conga rats, at least you know a thing or two about the equipment :p

    My location report goes as follows – local is still dull, dreary, frackin freezing, traffic is the pits and I can’t navigate for beans but the people are the essence of awesome sauce 🙂 Pity two of them are MISSING!!! Tomorrow I visit the parental unit = likely hostiles in local so ignore all mushroom clouds from this general direction. Im thinking smart bombs. Now going to try and DL some Zs but thanks to the awesome that is orange V and me not thinking about the TIME in local when consuming…. this may not be successful, plus its cold 😦 and I have the new Terry Pratchett book for company!

    • Damn shame I cant get up the line. Hope you have a blast at the party. Send folks hugs from me 🙂

  2. -K- permalink

    Official excuse to hug MORE? Consider it done 🙂

    Pretty much survived the day but the drive home was a tad hairy as I never did get more than 4 hours of Zs. My plans for tomorrow have been kiboshed so not sure what mischief I shall get up to but we is having a girls night @ my evil twins place tomorrow so should should be a giggle.

    Oh and “damn shame” is FAR too tame a phrase 😦

  3. -K- permalink

    I R fine. But apparently starting yet another day at 4am after little sleep, driving to the Bay of Plenty, spending an emotionally exhausting day there, leaving far too late, forgetting to eat all day, and driving back along those long boring straight stretches of road in the dark was pushing things a leeeeeetle too far. Who knew right? Considering its the same damn bit of road my bother nearly killed himself on when he fell asleep at the wheel I was VERY careful and stopped often but yeah, prolly shouldn’t have been driving. Didn’t get back till well after 10 last night so LONG day. I’m sure you know the feeling I mean when you are aware your reflexes are not so sparky. Going to make the most of plan cancellations for today and just chill then go hang with the girls tonight so its all good 🙂

    Wanna log into the game as internet connection here seems to be pretty damn decent but they are also not making me pay for it yet so don’t want to push my luck :p Might have to go hang at C’s tomorrow and hog his connection to get my fix!

    Hope all is well in you corner


    • EvE doesn’t take much bandwidth at all. I’d say go for it.

      Re the driving: Grrrrrr. Consider yourself growled at. Grrrrr.

      My corner has 90 degrees and a dunce cap. Story for another time….

  4. -K- permalink

    ooooh you know I love it when you growl 😛

  5. -K- permalink

    *sigh* guess who is a widget and forgot to update EvE the laptop before flying out. So now we wait and hope we don’t get bounced.

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