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And The Loot Gods Smiled – Part II

October 14, 2012

Hi All,


I’ve been spending some of the available time I have getting back into scanning. A wee bit rusty on it, but having quite a bit of fun. Had enough ice mining… and having over 20000 units of fuel blocks is probably enough for the moment.

Especially liking the lack of Tengu type competition for sites – given the sudden drop off in numbers and scale of it, beginning to wonder if it is not just the upcoming Heavy Missile nerf that’s the cause, but also the crack down on bots. Anyone know?

In any case, either I’ve been very lucky with timing or just where I’ve been roaming of late, but in one particular session I ended up with a pith c med shield booster and c invul in the hold. The latter was a drop on a “just one more” to finish all sites in the last system of the evening.

In other words, I had nearly a bill worth of iskies (with all of the decryptors and misc stuff) in found items. It was A Good Day.

While I’m also keeping an eye out for interesting wormholes, my play time is too intermittent to really invest in moving into one. Which is a bit of a shame. I am however, looking at the high sec to high sec links more specifically for a particular high sec island I’m interested in.

There is method in the madness, but I’m not quite prepare to truck everything in using transport ships. Yet. If I’m going to do that, it will require a huge amount of prep work, not the least of which will be the purchase and material efficiency work on a large number of BPOs, followed by the copying before moving.

While there is some appeal in trying to build up a home way from home starting totally from scratch with perhaps a couple of mining frigates and some BPCs, I’m not sure that even I’m that much of a masochist.

Still loving my exploration proteus though and catching up with a few peeps online. Game time is likely on the up with the school holidays about to finish. Looking forward to the Winter expansion. Purchased a Tristan BPO and will get both the new Gallente and Caldari destroyers BPOs as soon as they’re seeded.

For the moment, exploration seems to be sourcing the funds of the upcoming plans… All in all, somewhat less bittervet than I have been in a long time 🙂





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  1. OK – and spooky possums moment of the week, jumped on briefly last night and found a WH to Bazadod… which is a high sec island. Not the one I’d prefer and way too early. Be careful what you wish for….!

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