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What to do with a drunken cyno (alt)

July 1, 2012

Hi All,

While not in the Kirith Kodachi or EvE Hermit club, H managed to break 80 million SPs a little while ago along with 100 skills at V occurring at the same time. Currently working on armor reinforcement elite which should be ticked off in a little over a week.

Various alts are working on (respectively) Caldari Battleship V for a comparison between the Nightmare and Paladin and then resuming capital training (still trying to decide if buying and injecting the titan SB is a worthwhile investment), another is starting the charge towards super capital but may get diverted onto marauder… I has a cunning plan my lord….

Anyways, I really wanted to talk about the last alt. He was the first ever char I created in EvE and was languishing away doing 5/8ths of not very much. I had decided to get him going again on his own account with the view he would be an el cheapo cyno alt.

30 million SPs later…

I wanted to know how many others out there do the same kind of thing. Start a char with the best of intentions only to find they’re suddenly more important that you first planned them to be.

Who else has throwaway alts that aren’t throwaway any more?



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  1. You must earn a lot more ISK than I do to be considering training for a Titan! I probably have the opposite problem with some of my Alts – I train them thinking I would use them all the time, then never log them in.

    • In truth I’ve been a bit lucky. Though I have a good little ice mining operation going on atm. I was trying to do it efficiently across the alts when the prices started to spike.

      Did a sale of isotopes at one point that I didn’t need for fuel blocks and netted a cool half a bil… oO

      Needless to say I was surprised as the next person.

      Done mission running to death. Scanning is great fun, but hugely variable as we both know (and a bucket load of competition).

      But after four years of playing, I would have thought most people would have racked up a certain amount. If anything, I have too many shinies in comparison to iskes.

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