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The OCD is strong in this one

May 15, 2012

Yes, it is. But not strong enough to overcome the horror of mining.


I’d forgotten how onerous it actually is. Partly because the rocks keep popping waaaaay to quickly. Give me a good solid lump of ice and I’m happy. Can do quite a few other things in the background while I’m chipping away. Not so with standard ores. >Pop goes the ore<. Move as needed, retarget and restart the miners/stippers. Multiply that a number of alts and it quickly becomes a PITA to manage. I HATE micromanagement. A more soul destroying way to have “fun” I’m having difficulty thinking of. In fact, when I think back to other RPGs I’ve played, I used to get a lot of satisfaction out of setting up parties of characters, picking their scripts and seeing if they could make their own way through an encounter (Balders Gate, Icewind Dale etc etc). Mix and match of party composition and behaviours for fun and profitses šŸ™‚

I think I’m just going to concentrate on PI and potentially fuel blocks as a way to make my iskes and to purchase ores instead for building purposes. The up side is that your ice miners are relatively easy to manage to to keep in sync between alts. Coupled with the long cycle times, it become a case of tabbing between accounts every 5 minutes or so and shuffling the ore across to the Orca. Simple really. I may be about to suggest that there should be a move to make ore mining more similar in function to ice mining, though I can see that bring a whole range of technical difficulties with it, not to mention the potential for making an entire class of ships obsolete in one go.


In other news: RL is kicking in game butt. Again. In Better news: Cap Ship V will be done today on one of the alts. Whether it’s worth investing 4.5 billion to purchase a certain skill book is another matter altogether. Today I’ll be have all the prerequisites so, skill book aside, I’ll be able to fly a Titan šŸ™‚ Ask me again in a few years if I’ve managed to afford one…. by that time, Dread V and Carrier V will no doubt have been completed, along with all the support skills. Jump freighter also needs ticking off. All of which no doubt would see more use. So reserving judgement on the purchase for a wee bit methinks.






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