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April 29, 2012

Hi All,

H has now finished Exhumer V. All mocking aside, it is worthwhile (if you’re going to mine or ice mine) doing to maximal efficiency. The remaining alts finishing this up are less than a week away from completion. With the price of everything going north and not looking like it’s going to stop, it’s not a bad thing imho.

I may be able to fill the Orca in a little over an hour in it’s current config using macks. Just need a couple of PC’s so I can run multiple clients without anything melting. That or a new multi-core CPU. The current dual core beastie runs two without issue, three with a bit of hesitation… it will run four… barely. Why can I see money being spent in the not too far distant..? Note to self… check mobo for compatibility.

One thing I did like mention of was that CCP is considering making the Orca corporate hangar bay accessible to anyone in fleet. This should make combined ops much easier while reducing issues of can flipping. Of course, anyone in fleet can (with the right permissions) can remove stuff from the hangar bay. On the other hand, this should stop the need to eject cans for pick up and gain aggro in the process.

From a tactical perspective, always always have the big beastie aligned and ready to go, though I’ll probably have the alts circle the Orca within range. The thinking behind this comes down to one thing: transversal.

Keeping the macks moving might (might!) help keep them alive. Passive targetting on a gank beastie would give you no warning at all. Not wanting to give peeps ideas but…

Anyways, it was interesting to see that the Noir. peeps gave the goons a bloody nose or two in Jita. Not entirely sure that the full compliment of goons was online in Jita, but apparently TiDi was down to between 10 and 20%. You undock and you die basically.

I cannot believe people were unaware that Burn Jita was going to happen but EN 24 is reporting a 17+ bil freighter gank —-> !

In any event, with Hulkageddon commencing as well, new toys and verification of skills may just have to wait a bit. Belt avoidance anyone…?



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