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Dirty…. but surprisingly lucrative… oO

April 13, 2012

Hi All,

Spent a number of hours mining ice with two alts and the Orca. With a change to the fits on the Macks, I’ve been able to drop the cycle time to 230 seconds (down from 500) and can fill the Orca up in less than two hours.

I’ve always done ice mining and PI with a view to offset running costs of the POS, but was kind of annoyed with the proportions I mined. You can never have enough liquid oxygen or heavy water IMHO. The irony was that I’d had almost enough resources to do a 1k run of fuel blocks with the exception of those two. Why oh why did I end up with a metric ton of isotopes?

So, I checked the market for the prices I had of additional things… and went and sold about half a billion worth of stuffs. I feel dirty, but oh so good ;P  This was after doing a 250 run of fuel I might add. There are those who argue that mining is as boring as sin. And it is to a large extent. But I’ve run missions till my eyes bled and this is a new challenge for my OCD (alts are training exhumer V as we speak and why not, my shooty and drone skills are nearly maxed).

The other thing that makes it worthwhile is the corp chat and the various hangers on we have in our public channel. Lots of laughs and gentle teasing go on. It’s a lot of fun tbh and is what makes EvE worthwhile imho. We shall not mention the bad harmony Ray and I got into in the past 🙂

Now, and CCP Screegs, I hope your listening… there are an infestation of bots in the ice belt. Unsure who set them up, but they’re not being particularly bright about it. All of the characters concerned were created within a day or so of one another and all of them are in SAK or other NPC corp.

They log in enmasse undock and warp in enmasse. Now people could argue that they’re legit, but I really don’t think so. Got into a small ship and flew through the belt repeatedly targetting them all. And what did they do…? Warped off to a safe or station and warped back again. Target them again? Off they go. Rinse and repeat.

Put another way, there was just me myself I in the ice belt for the longest time. Local was down below twenty. The bots arrived and doubled the numbers… and they were all in the belt.

This could be a gankers dream. Damn tempted to create an alt or two, train ’em for a week, and start blowing stuff up. Also tempted to get a long range locking ship, throw a number of sensor boosters on it and spend some time locking them up to disrupt their mining.

Anyways, my point is, it ain’t hard to tell who the botters are. And quite frankly, the harder Screegs jumps up and down on their heads, the better I’ll like it. Mining and by extension ship building (which is something I’ve always liked the idea of – and skins, we need ship skins!) could go from being a profession to being an honorable one… after all, the iskies must flow. Why shouldn’t the honest grafters get their fair share?



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