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OCD – Or mining is a dirty word

April 7, 2012


The experimentation continues. With the upward spike in mineral and just about everything else prices, I’ve been doing some tweaking. In a week or so I should be able to build about half a billion worth of caldari fuel blocks. This is possible due to having near max PI skills across three alts.

But the scary stuff is the filling of the Orca. I can fill it twice in it’s current configuration in three hours or close to it. This made possible by dropping the cycle time to 230 seconds from a base of 500 for each of the macks. Me likes.

This has also been made possible by the tweaks CCP make so that more than one client will run on my PC (unlike it was).

Looking at the choke points at present just to see where they may be. The alts are not dedicated purely to making starbase fuel, I am also producing a significant about of rocket fuel. Trying to decide whether keeping the POS permanently online to churn out scourge fury is going to be worthwhile. With the prevalence of Tengu out there, it may just be.

Lastly, don’t be surprised if there is mention in a few blogs in the near furture about an epic bombing run… 5 SBs took out 64 tier 3 BCs. The link we had seems to have “stopped working”… can’t imagine why 😛



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  1. -K- permalink

    dirty dirty word! :p

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