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Corporation Forums

March 25, 2012

Have been having a play with the CCP enabled Corp Forums and its (a wee bit slow) but actually kinda cool. I would like to garner a few suggestions on what to include. So far I have on the list of basic:


Guns (optimal, fall off, tracking, ammo, sig, skills and equipment)

Missiles (velocity, flight time, explosion velocity, explosion radius, skills and equipment)


Cap Management

Defense (active, passive/buffer, shield, armour, sig, speed, resists, skills and equipment)

Damage (types, vs NPCs, vs Faction)

Fitting PvE

Fitting PvP



So… what have I missed. Suggestions..?



From → Eve Online

One Comment
  1. -K- permalink

    Don’t know if its really required or not but perhaps a passing mention to the ships that have damage bonuses etc? Have had to explain to many people previously about the benefit to training extra levels of ORE industrial for added bonus on the noctis even.

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