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World’s Collide

March 22, 2012

OK – I’m making an exception. Why? Coz. You’ll see soon enough. But also because I miss writing.

A long time ago I wrote about how I helped a mate get out of a mission in his Golem on 7% structure. Well, a similar kind of thing happened to a corp mate not so long ago and she lost not one, but two fairly major shinies to the mission. Apparently the DPS went right out of control and from whoa to dead was less than a minute.

The mission in both cases? World’s collide.

Ironically, that same Golem pilot was in the same system and noticed a glitch at about that time. His launchers cycled about 5 times before anything actually fired. I’ve mentioned on more that one occasion about the kind of issues I’ve experienced through d-sync and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of those.

So, where are we up to? Well a petition has been sent. That was about 48 hours ago and we’ve seen nothing so far.

I will say this much though, as CEO of the corporation, the experiences and ship losses I’ve had in EvE online, knowing just how well that Rattlesnake was tanked and that the pilot has solo’d this mission multiple times without issue – my own “that’s a load of bollocks” petition will follow within seconds. Most especially if “the logs show nothing…”



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  1. Actually, I should make a wee apology for being tired (too many 12 hour shifts) and being angry in charge of a “post” button. Also came into the conversation a little late.

    Correction: the mission was attack of the drones and not WC. We were comparing it with what happened with the Golem pilot in WC.

    >Sigh< I hope the madness at work slows down soon…

  2. Usually a “Logs show nothing” response is really a “We are overwhelmed by responses and want to get rid of the easily discouraged” If they come with that respond with your gamelogs and ask what theirs show.

    Also that can be a bitch of a mission.

  3. Calmed down a bit since I wrote that. But yep, you guessed it, that was the response. Pretty much a standard service response from any large RL corporation if we’re being honest.

    Done the mission myself often enough to know what its about. I believe my corp mate, and despite info provided by that other corpmate, no dice from CCP.

    Still, this is EvE. Don’t undock etc, etc.

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