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Every time I say goodbye, I say hello… (hello, hello…)

December 7, 2011

I’ve been thinking (uh-oh)…

This time however, it’s actually about the blog itself. It’s taken the EULA and some awareness that I had (at times) spent more time thinking about EvE than actually playing it. This is post 100 and it’s as good a time as any to sign off.

I started writing in Feb 2010. Somewhat surprised that the time has gone by. A comment I guess on how busy RL has been. Which has a real upside for skilling those long term L5s. Back then I was talking about having 42 skills at L5…now it’s more than twice that. Perfect fitting and cap skills are ticked off, as is hull tanking elite. The cert I like the most from a “where do I fit in” is Cartographer elite as it fits with the science and exploration theme that H has.

Total SPs is a big number and shortly due to tick over another big milestone. 241 known skills. Not as quickly as a mate of mine who started at the same time, but still pretty damn quick given I’ve used no neural remaps (conscious decision) at all. But basically, it looks like 20mil sps per year is possible once you break certain initial barriers. Much easier now you don’t have to skill up your stats individually any more.

So… lets talk about projects. Some are still unfinished but here’s a quick summary:

Project P – Marauder (Paladin). This alt has max gun skills… I think there’s only large laser spec V to tick off and some implants to go. A 1000+DPS monster, 800+ at 50km turret only.

Project K – Marauder (Kronos).  Quite a bit of work to go, but won’t end up being quite as good as the Pally even with the hybrid changes. Expecting around 150-200 dps less in the final analysis.

Project H – T3 exploration ships. Essentially complete, with some work to go to obtaining the low grade virtue set. With my drone skills and utility mid slots, I’m very much liking the Proteus as the go to ship 🙂

Project M – Navy Megathron as a comparison. Improved with the gun changes, but sodding jammers aside, marauders are an easier fly for L4 grinding. More cost effective on the Navy Ammo too.

Project L – Oneiros/Basilsik. Done. Alt with max logistics skills.

Project O – Orca. Done. Alt has max mining link skills as well. Doubles as a max command ship/warfare link skills pilot.

Project V – Vindicator. Another self build. A scary, scary PvP beast. 1400 DPS with quite a bit of improvement on the way with changeouts from T2, plus skills, plus implants still to come.

Enough of the alphabet already! What’s upcoming..? well, I’m debating building a Golem, though this is from the first ever invention run I did, and it’s without any modifiers. 50% wastage is a sucky, sucky thing. So, I’m not sure I will build as I did with the Kronos. It would be some considerable time before I could fly it, though the irony of flying that as a missile boat as my first ever one is not lost on me, being Caldari and all. Actually, not quite true. I did fly a merlin for a very short period before discovering drones and gallente ships 🙂

So… what will I do next? Well cap building is on my list of things to do. Something I did not get the chance to do while living in null. Living in a wormhole is possible, but unlikely purely because of the RL time constraints and logistics issues. When it comes down to it though, I think the most important thing is to open the doors to our corp and start letting a few bodies in.

The focus is likely to be chilled out and for older folks. We definitely acknowledge that RL and family takes precedence. No 2am CTAs here thanks very much. Passing on the wisdom we have gained, making more social connections, and just helping out is also a part of it. And I might even get to indulge my white knight complex and save a few ships in the process…. 🙂

I will update the links one last time because there are some extra-ordinarily good bloggers out there. Found a few new ones. Need to delete some of the old. Otherwise, take care of yourselves.

See you in space,


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  1. Relicc permalink

    o7 See you next time Capsuleer! Good Luck in all you do.

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