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BB30 – The Truth is Out There

November 16, 2011
“With the Winter expansion possibly being named ‘Crucible’, it certainly is a melting pot of refinements and tweaks aimed at making the EVE experience smoother and more wholesome. If the developers suddenly found themselves some spare resources and approached you for an additional feature to include before release, what single concept would you pitch them and how would you implement it?

For bonus points, the one thing lacking from this “patchwork” of iterations is a cohesive storyline to package “The Crucible” together. How could this expansion be marketed to potential new customers?”

Wow. Tough one. Tougher given the fact that we’ve all been yelling for a refocus on flying in space. Now you want an additional feature? I’m beginning to suspect Seismic Stan has something of a sadistic streak somewhere in there…

OK – all brain cells to the pump!
Worst case of writers block ever….
… seventeen cups of coffee later and some serious jitters… what about cosmology?
It can be linked to the new nebula. We have jump gates that take you instantaneously without issue from point A to point B… but what about all the stars and places in between? Why can’t we identify a star outside the grid of the current gate network, tune our warp drives for deep transit and head out towards it?

Who knows what we’ll find there? This is very much like gathering the wagon (Orca) train and heading out over the plains in search of fame and fortune. To take everything you need with you and blaze a trail to somewhere new…. and perhaps eventually, with significant time, effort, and research, build a jump gate to enable a connection back from your frontier post. The similarities to a land rush where you stake your claim are actually pretty good. Wild west, here we come πŸ™‚

It could all end in an unmitigated disaster. It might make you rich beyond your wildest dreams… it may take you too close to Jovian space and elicit a response (big nod to Eveoganda btw). It’s a shame that the name Exodus has already been used for an expansion, though that isn’t quite to Stan’s brief I will admit.

Implementation wise, this shouldn’t be too difficult (in my limited understanding) as it leverages off current mechanics, nor is it too different from wormholes, though instead you may need a session change at each heliosphere or heliopause (often considered the boundary of a solar system) and something to be indicative of interstellar travel.

Cyno’s are a no no. Otherwise, once you get there, pop the beacon and call everyone through. Cheating in my book, and way too easy for Alliances to farm willy nilly. We have enough of that already. So, lets have a look at the maths.

Hmmmmm. Closest star to earth is Alpha Centauri at 4.37 light years. There are about 63241 AUs to the light year. So that translates to roughly… a big number (276363 AU). More so when you start talking about a 3AU warp speed being standard for a battleship…. that would take (carry the four, divide by the airspeed of an unladen swallow…) a bit over 25.5 hours of game time to get there. Possible…. but methinketh few are going to devote that kind of time, so it might be argued that the arbitrary distances should be a lot less, or very much dependant on where you are in the current galaxy.

On the other hand, people might actually use certain implants and rigs that I’m sure are completely ignored at the moment if something like this was implemented… πŸ™‚ On the other hand again, the fastest ships with the right combination of gear could do that kind of distance in three to four hours or so. Hmmmm….

So, the tie in. The Jovian’s could send out a message toΒ  the four main factions suggesting they look beyond known space for answers to the Sansha threat. The Arek’Jaalan initiave might pick up a signal from deep space and set out to investigate… or perhaps send some trusted capsuleers to do so. I suspect that’s the relatively easy part.

The various Faction States would obviously react to this new and unexpected news by going into a higher alert status. Each would be eyeing the other’s readiness levels militarily, and looking to provide a fast, relatively cheap upscaling in might (the new battlecruiser classes) as well as (in the case of the Gallente) major improvements to weapon and drone systems…

And I can’t help but thinking about about large mass driven asteroids, set on a collision course by an unknown force as in Starship Troopers. These could also be implemented like the incursions, but instead of multiple targets, sheer firepower overcoming a single massive object to save a planet or station would be the order of the day. Perhaps. It would tie in nicely with the new BCs though.

In any case – the truth is out there… if CCP will let us have another out there … πŸ™‚

To be filed under H ranting about exploration. Again.



P.S Dead horse? What dead horse…??

P.P.S No. That is not a whip… it’s erm… something else…. honest!

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  1. Hey nice ideas you got! I really liked them. πŸ™‚

    I happen to have something similar in my fanmade project. Check it out if you like. We can discuss Deep Exploration together – I am a big fan of it.!black-pearl-project/vstc2=capital-explorers-&-uncharted-space

  2. Hi Veskin,

    I like your ideas as well. One thing I try and do is to keep close to the current mechanics, so that a tweak here and there is required prior to implementation, as opposed to an entire developmental release (exaggerated for illustration purposes).

    Guess the other thing that weighs on my mind is that if what propose gets implemented, how far away are we getting from the EvE ethos?

    You’re probably already aware that Kirith Kodachi has mentioned dedicated larger platform exploration ships as well. Think this is a damn fine idea too, though there were only four pages of submissions to CCP Greyscale’s null sec discussion.

    And unfortunately, I suspect CCP will take the lack of interest as a file under to do some day. When we have time. Maybe.

    Like what you’ve done with the website. Much prettier than my old fashioned wall of text approach.


    • Thank you, I’m really happy that there are people appreciating my efforts.

      The thing is that I have spent more than a year to type the text for my project and draw the concept art (most of this was done in my spare time, which is limited) and that’s why I really hope that it doesn’t go to waste. It is not a problem for any CCP developer to create a temporary mail account (if they are concerned for their privacy) and just contact me so that I can send them the files.

      As I said on my site – I don’t want to force them to listen or make them create stuff mentioned in my projects – this is all a matter of discussion with all the players and so on.

      I just want to share my ideas and maybe inspire them somehow.

      Yes, that’s what Hilmar said: “Maybe later.”
      I’m not looking for fame or large audience at the first place. But I want some appreciation. And some feedback as well. If there is someone like you, that likes my ideas, then we could discuss them and when we come up with something that we all like… who knows, CCP could make it real. And they are the only company out there, that really listens to their players and fans. Especially for the Crucible expansion.

      It’s hard to make new friends these days. But that’s what I’m trying to do now, since none of the people around me seems to see things my way.

      As for the lack of interest (if I understand correctly cause I couldn’t translate some of your stuff) – I am very optimistic about this. These guys at CCP are really eager for fresh ideas. And they’re so friendly.

      So let’s show them why the EVE community is the best ever. πŸ™‚

      • Hi Veskin,

        Like your optimism. I tend to fall into the grumpy and cynical category, and I don’t expect any of my ideas to be taken up by CCP. Of course I’d be totally chuffed if they did, but…. In a lot of ways I’d be surprised if they actually knew I existed as a blogger. That’s in part because (with the exception of the blog banters), I don’t put this blog out there. I write more for me than any other single reason.

        Have you put your ideas out there on the forums? That’s probably the best place to do it if you want player engagement. You might get an upswing in traffic if you did as well.

        Just really wanting to provide a note of caution – I’ve seen a lot of cool ideas (Copernicus Coalition) and some extra-ordinarily good bloggers come and go. Partly through RL, partly through disaffection. And I would hope that you don’t become one of those should your praise worthy efforts come to naught.

        Lastly, I run my own company. I work with large multi-nationals and know just how much inertia a company has. The larger the company, the worse it is. They do not turn corners quickly. CCP is not small. Even if some of our ideas are taken up, it may take some time before they come into play.

        I went to Fan Fest back in 09 and can remember discussing sleeper incursions at one of the round tables. We didn’t get sleepers, but Sansha Kuvakei came out to play instead. Even if we argue that CCP wasn’t already thinking along those lines, it took a year and likely a good proportion of their development cycle before we saw any results of that discussion.

        Keep up the fine work, and by all means keep the faith. Just please don’t be disappointed if things don’t happen, or don’t happen quickly.

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