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On a clear day you can see… forever…

November 10, 2011

The mind surfaced slowly through the deep black. She reaches automatically for the sensor suite, and without response, kicks in the emergency protocols to engage the nano-repair machines melded deep within her armor… no, skin.


Oh yes. Skin.

She becomes aware of an urgent impulse clamoring more and more stridently for attention. Touch. Sensation. Light and sound. And that impulse again.That’s it. I remember now. Breathing.

Her quiet Achura curves shudder with the well overdue breath. Followed by the racking cough of lungs responding to their first use. Far more a spastic heaving than quiet inhalation, gradually it comes under control, the overly oxygenated and clinical air helping the transition. More aware of her surroundings, she reaches mentally for her enhancements and finds none at all. A naked brain then, a virginal clone.

Her ego quails for a moment, not used to being so… diminished. Vulnerable. Without the high tech armaments and sensor suites, within and without. No weapons grade shielding, unable to rain death upon her enemies with merely a thought.

Naked. Cold.

The light filtering in through her eyelids is a restful shade of green or perhaps blue. Reaching for a name brings a moment of unease. Did the clone jump fail somehow? Is this body or brain flawed in some way? And then the memories flood in and the color shading falls into place. Gallente.

She cracks opens her eyelids, and the ergonomically beautiful surroundings confirm it. This place is Gallente. The attendant in the white medical garb asks a few questions seeking to verify the mind behind the brand new eyes, and to confirm her functional status. The machines in the background have already told the medic what she wishes but they are no judge of humanity…. or the lack of it.

Satisfied, the medic turns to leave and the Achura woman catches a glimpse of the SOE logo in subtle variation against the pristine white. The medic pauses at the curved archway, stops and turns. “The next stage of your procedure will be in 15 minutes – please take this time to rest as you may experience a degree of disorientation while the implant is calibrated”

The piped music was subtle and gorgeous. Typical really. And somewhat ironic as the larger station surrounds were the girder and beam construction of the Minmatar Republic, and that the station itself was floating in Caldari space. A riddle within a puzzle inside an enigma. A fitting metaphor for humanity and those that try to save it from itself, the capsuleer supposed.

At the 15 minute mark a chime announced the opening of the comms channel and the familiar face of her primary agent with the Sisters of Eve resolved with it’s usual enigmatic smile quirking the corner of her mouth. “We are glad to see that the transition to your new clone has gone without trouble. We see that it has been some time since you last engaged in such activity. We trust that everything is satisfactory?”

At the assent the agent continued “We thank you for your purchase and are glad to repay you for your work to date. We do not recommend a full set of implants in combination with the top line prospector series in either conjunction with a covert operations or specialized Tech Three ship, should you be considering it. All together the cumulative effects may be both unexpected and difficult to maintain for any period.”

“A maintenance issue?” Asked the capsuleer.

“A mental one” replied the agent, her tone implying much while saying very little. “We will see you, in time, for your next upgrade. Thank you for your loyalty, Helena Khan”

A moment of cold, local anesthetic, the Achura supposed. A thunk more felt than heard. Then total blackout followed by the usual diagnostic chaff. She checks the expansion in her faculties and finds some enhancement, but nothing cutting edge. Not by comparison in any case. To be expected given the specialized nature of the implant. She reaches for the probe interface and finds the expected additional sensory bandwidth, there is however, an unexpected subtlety and nuance.

Surprising given this first small step. It gives her cause to pause and consider. She remembers the agent’s tone and wonders for a moment about her course of action.


Will it be worth it to be able to gaze into forever, when forever will be gazing back into you….?







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  1. -K- permalink

    Dammit, where is ‘next page’ function? šŸ™‚

  2. John permalink

    Congrats H, it has been a long time coming. Enjoy šŸ™‚

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