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Project Update

November 3, 2011

Yo Everypeeples,


Very tired. Covered two nightshifts and only got about 6 hours sleep between them… grand total of about 8 or 10 hours in two and a half days. My body clock is royally stuffed up. If I stop making any sense at all shortly don’t be too surprised.


I had generated enough iskies and LPs to purchase one +5% implant for the Paladin, so elected to purchase a +5% tracking one along with a tracking computer and script. This should mean an overall improvement of 35%. The reasoning is simple. The Pally already does a lot of DPS, with wrecking shots putting damage through the roof. We just need to apply it better. So… one done. Lots to go. The beastie is actually cap stable with Ultraviolet provided I don’t use the tractor beams or salvager. MF will drop that, as will navy heatsinks, but for now it’ll do nicely thanks. Can’t wait to try it 🙂


At present, the experimentation is actually on hold due to war dec. A one man corp, but given his employment history, we would not be surprised if he has a few people in the background waiting to join his corp. So… and given the fact he hit a POS, I’ve spent some time beefing up the defenses. He did play some station games very briefly in a Golem. But having ECM on the field and a Vindicator all up in his face, meant docking was kinda inevitable. We knew it. He knew it. To misquote Shakespeare and badly too, “A bump, a bump, my kingdom for a bump”!


Anyhoo, it will be a while before I get to test it out. Radio silence may need to continue for a little while. Posting may be…. a little ntermittent….






P.S. Note to self: don’t forget the oneiros and tracking links just for fun…..



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