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October 27, 2011

Hi All,

There is something rumbling in Iceland. From what was, from an EvE perspective, a dormant volcano – there seems to be a sizable rumbling from CCP. If even half of this is going to come about, then we are in for an expansion an order of magnitude bigger than expected. There has been a lot of commentary about the changes already (some very good stuff too), so I think I’ll leave it on the back burner for now and wait till we see more/have the changes confirmed.


I have a couple of things on the go that are still being worked on at present (and another up coming), so might just talk about one of  those for a minute: the Paladin Project.


Have been seriously impressed with the kill/isk ratio Paladins provide. I would not be entirely surprised if these are behind the oft touted figure of earning 30 mil/hour running L4 missions. It can (various forms of ECM aside) easily bring in 8 to 10 mil per tick in bounties. Of course, the rats do have to have the good graces to sit there and be shot at and not jam, damp, or disrupt your guns. The 30 mil/hour does not take into account LP rewards either for that matter.


So far, all I’ve needed to use is multifrequency and ultraviolet in PvE. I’ve tried amarr drones to see how they would run, but honestly hobgoblins and hammerheads are the way to go for reliable killingses of smaller ships. The navy crystals are pretty cool, but the DPS is sufficiently good, you don’t actually need to use them – except for perhaps those Uh-Oh moments. That said, the ship is entirely T2 fit with the exception of the large armour repper. There are also no damage implants whatsoever in this alt.


So, upcoming we have the following:


Convert any EANMs/Hardeners to navy versions

Convert any heatsinks to the navy versions

Drop one cap recharger for a tracking computer with script

Purchase a +5% damage implant (large lasers)

Purchase a +5% damage implant (all)

Purchase a +5% tracking speed implant

Purchase the two CCR  capacitor implants


This should provide a significant bonus to the already impressive DPS the beastie has, as well as improve the ability to apply it by both increasing the tracking, and by changing the script alter the optimal if needed. At a very rough estimate, I expect the base DPS to increase by 15%. I don’t have the iskies at present, but should be able to progressively purchase the enhancements provided the LP rewards keep pace with the iskie generation. Will let you know how it goes.


The other couple of projects are both geared around hybrid using ships. So, I may just hold those over until the guns changes go through, though I would point out I also have no damage implants in H at present, so between the +10% increase due on rails and the +10% from implants, we should see a major improvement to her as well. H is also working on the remaining skill to enable her to build a Kronos, so the Marauder skill is likely to be next in the queue… that or Battlecruiser V. Choices choices.


Speaking of which, I’m actually feel somewhat vindicated in my advocating a platform of mobility and range control to do missions. While the Paladin has brick status (i.e it both tanks and flies like one), the Mega is a mobile boat. Should see a distinct improvement once all the of the speed changes come through too.


Lastly a nod to my mate John. He’s always going on at me about opportunity cost. John, you may actually be right, at least where the Paladin is concerned. No point in salvaging everything in sight when just plain old killing and moving on to the next mission is more efficient as far as income goes. We shall see if the upcoming Gallente changes make things at least semi competitive to the other races. Here’s hoping.





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  1. -K- permalink

    oh noes…. you’re not suposed to TELL him hes right!!!

  2. erk, dammit…. where’s the edit key! Quick!!!

  3. John permalink

    You may want to think about BC 5 in prep for the new BCs coming with the winter expansion. That and some of the command ships are quite nice too.

    I haven’t experimented much with Paladin fits, IIRC the nightmare is slightly better, but I think beams with navy ammo (not much cost due to 4 guns and slow ROF) is better than pulse and scorch.

    Also if it fits anything like the other marauders, then a T2 energy burst aerator rig is seriously worth it, even at the cost of some cap stability, as it is +4.5% damage you can’t get any other way.

    • The only catch with the rigs is that they use up grid, necessitating another rig to compensate and/or implants to make it work… and the Pally is right at its limit with Tachyons and a LAR.

      Nightmare gets a tracking bonus which is very very nice… can’t argue with the 1500 more grid either, or the less grid requirement by shield tanking it… I don’t need another experiment to add to the queue! It’s getting way too expensive!! Darn it!

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