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I wants!!!

October 22, 2011

Hi All

This ->

Battlecruiser hull with battleship guns…. I’m going to say that again. Battlecruiser hull with battleship guns. It was worth saying twice πŸ™‚

I really like the fast battleship concept in any case and we might actually end up with a gallente ship capable of getting into blaster range to do some DPS. I’ve been tossing fittings around in EFT for some time trying to get a speedy battleship fit going, but realistically minmatar are the only real contenders for it.

Caldari boats can shoot whatever they can lock, and with good skills and rigs, you can throw T2 torps to 40 and 60km+. They fall into the why bother category. Similarly, Amarr with their different optimals available with the different crystals barely need to get up to speed.

So we’re down to the Gallente flying bricks…. or the minnies. And the minnie ships are generally faster at base speed and sometimes get a level/speed bonus (admittedly the Panther is the only battleship hull to get such a bonus and it’s not really an everyday run to the supermarket kinda ship).

Add to that the fact they can be shield tanked well and their guns use no cap and the using a microwarp drive becomes just that much more viable.

Can’t wait to see the stats. This has the potential to be AWESOME!!!! I wants!!!!

Gotta go… I need to check H’s battlecruiser skill level πŸ™‚



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