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October 4, 2011

Hi All,

Fosooth, ’tis been an age since mine eyes gazed pon fairest keyboard. Aka I have been doing stuff. Stuff other than EvE. Blasphemy I know, but there you have it.

A good friend of mine plays Lord of the Rings, and I have been a big fan of Tolkein ever since a teacher read us the hobbit by installments when I was about 8 years old. Between those two influences (and not a small dose of bittervet mode), I’ve been playing LOTRO. It has shiny, but it is very much the do quest receive bacon kind.

You can do pretty much the same thing in different zones at different levels for different factions and in essence receive the same rewards. Higher level and more DPS to be sure, but really it’s the same. I’m nowhere near getting to legendary items, so don’t really know what the top end is going to be like.

There are some significant plusses to it however. The biggest imho is putdownability (which shall henceforth be known as PDA). When you undock in EvE, you’re committed to the game (or at least you should be… even in high sec).  This is even more important in low or null sec. Bottom line, if you don’t have situational awareness, you’re a sitting duck. A duck already plucked, glazed and sitting in the roasting dish just waiting for the oven to warm up.

In LOTRO, it just isn’t that important. You get killed? You can elect to revive right there. You may get some dread for 10 minutes (knocks your effective hitpoints down a bit temporarily), but otherwise it’s no problem. If you get killed again within two hours, you retreat automatically to one of the safe spots, and incur dread again. You are not losing a multi-million iskie ship and there’s no other penalty apart from some inconvenience.

This means that you can just drop in an out of the game whenever you like, there is no absolute commitment needed in time. Apart from doing things like Planetary Interaction or Market PvP, and possibly manufacturing and invention, you just can’t do that in EvE.

Another thing LOTRO does very well is skirmishes. These are similar to missions in that you have an objective to complete (usually kill the bad guys, get stuff you can trade for shiny), but you can join a skirmish from ANYWHERE at ANY time provided you’re Level 20 plus. Me like. Adds variety too. There is even a play as a monster option.

Lastly, it is entirely free to play if you wish. There are options to upgrade to a purchased account, buy the equivalent to plex or trade in in game rewards at the game store. It just pops up a window for you to shop to your hearts content. CCP could learn a thing or two from the way the store is run.

But for me, the biggest single thing is the PDA. I can’t sacrifice RL, and I certainly don’t have the luxury to block out the hours at a time that EvE sometimes demands, and that alone will mean that LOTRO will probably remain a real alternative for some time to come.



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  1. Piffle to that I say! One may understand the necessity of this ‘PDA’ but one is not amused so yes that muttering, grumbling and foot stomping is coming from my direction!


  2. John permalink

    PDA, good term. I have found that the un-putdownability of EVE is something that wives, girlfriends and small children have a hard time understanding or accepting. Which tends to get me into trouble.
    Not really interested in LOTR, though I might have a look at SW:TOR.
    Looking forward to the new elder scrolls game and mightily pissed that Diablo 3 will require internet even in single player 😦

  3. Hey you two.

    K – the times I seem to be able to get online at the moment aren’t the same as yours at present which isn’t helping. .. 😦

    John, I hear you on the trouble part… with the added erk factor of work calls thrown in.

    SWTOR is a definite possibility esp in light of the extraordinarily good Old Republic games, though I’ve always felt somewhat dubious about 500+ people all charging around the same area carrying lightsabers. Seems wrong somehow…

    • John permalink

      They did a bit of the massed Jedi in the last movie, but for us old timer fans of the original movies where there are only a handful of jedi a whole game full of them does feel a bit wrong. Even so, the old republic is a different environment, so will have to see.
      One pre-beta reviw comments I saw lambasted them for the smuggler/renegade class. Evidently they are one of the few “healer” class options. But the reviewer could not imagine Han Solo hanging back and healing people. Hopefully by release they will have a jedi scholar or priest class for this role. Or maybe even a techie or droid class with medical.

  4. Healer class? I thought that was what the Jedi Consular as all about. That and buffing. Similar to the TOR class. But you’re right. “Chewie, get down here! She’s hurt” springs to mind…

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