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To DC or not to DC – that is the question

September 22, 2011


Hi All,


I’d forgotten about a posting I’d made to Battleclinic for a Megathron quite some time ago. In it I posted that a damage control in combination with an EANM  and hardeners was a desirable thing as opposed to four racial specific hardeners and no DC. This on a T1 non-faction battleship with three T2 rigs. For my trouble I was called an idiot.


Now, in my time in EvE, a DC has saved my bacon an extraordinary number of times. I solo L4s with relative ease using a Navy Megathron, generally against Guristas. Now I’ve done missions till my eyes have bled, but even so there are occasions where there are mistakes made and there are also very definitely missions where there is plainly just too much DPS for the tank to handle… and this is with faction kit and kin/therm resists above 80%.


It is very possible to increase the tank by dropping from 3 magnetic stabilizers to 2, but as I’ve said before rails need all the help they can get… and killing quickly puts a lot less strain on your capacitor. So, rather and sit there and be pounded into small metallic bits as your tank fails or you run out of cap, I went another way. Mobility.


Yeah. I can hear you now. Mobility. My baby can do 400+ m/s. Enough to help with mitigating missile based damage, and more importantly being able to range tank if needed. Trust me, you do not want Navy Orions in your face, nor do you want a number of Sansha/Blood Raider/Angel ships getting to their optimal.


If you can kill fast and maintain range all to the good. The idea of being a sitting duck, which, if you get it wrong can do nothing except accept the inevitable does not wash with me. Go out in a blaze of glory by all means, but at least have some options on how to deal with changing situations as they arise.


There are ships that can survive without a DC and do very well indeed. T3s spring to mind immediately. Shield tanking ships can also likely get away with it (esp T2). But the Megathron and the Navy equivalent aren’t those ships… in fact I’d argue any armor tanking ship is just asking for trouble undocking without one.


What do you think?






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  1. Serpentine Logic permalink

    Damage Control is better than the third EANM due to avoiding stacking penalties. Four mission-specific hardeners will be better than two hardeners, an EANM and a DC though, provided your capacitor holds up.

    (two hardeners + EANM + DC is still better than two hardeners + 2 EANM though)

  2. The difference is about 2.5% at all L5 on the armor resists. Losing the 60% structure resists though is a pretty big call IMHO, both from a potential gankage perspective, but also from those OMGWTF?!?! moments that happen in EvE.

    Not convinced that it’s worth losing 33k EHP for those extra 2.5% resist. At least not without spending stupid amounts of Iskies on officer reppers and/or armor rigs.

    Open to ideas though.

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