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Eat Hot Photons, Alien Slime!

August 26, 2011

Had a little fun this morning.

Didn’t have to go in to work until late, so I had a wee play with the Paladin. Support skills for gunnery are almost all at 5 now, the only exception is surgical strike 5 and thats a little over a week away. Accepted an L4 mission, where that darned trollop (The Damsel) has managed to get herself kidnapped again.

I do not know what’s wrong with that girl, but she needs rescuing almost more often than she has a hot meal. Seriously. CCP I guess that was a generic whinge that you can file under “More content nao pleze!”

Anyhoo, I did Damsel in Distress in less than a tick. For those that don’t know a tick is the arbitrary 20 minute time frame after which all the bounties appear in your wallet. Yes, this means I killed Zor, all of the other ships and spawns AND the pleasure dome in less than 20 minutes. I’ve seen a Golem in operation… but this was the first time I’d really seen a Paladin tear stuff apart…. Holy Crap! o.O

Doing the math for a moment, that earned me a little over 6 mil all up, which means 20 mil per hour is definitely possible with the right missions. Now all I need do is figure out the opportunity cost of salvaging. I may just end up tearing through things and fugeddaboudit.

Oh. Before I forget to mention, this was done without the following – faction lenses, faction heatsinks…. or any damage/tracking implants. Yes. Just Tach IIs and standard multifrequency. So… still  to come: +3% for surgical strike V, +5% for all damage (slot 10), +5% for large laser, plus whatever the faction lenses (28 EM and 20 Therm vs 32.2 EM and 23 Therm) and heat sinks brings (1.1 vs 1.125).

Some very scary numbers are on their way…. Marauders V might just be worthwhile…. 🙂



P.S Hey K!

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