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August 14, 2011

Hi All,


I’m in that peculiar zone again where I have more spare time during the day, than I do in the evenings. Small humans demand attention and feeding and that seems to absorb quite a bit of it.


This means that I’m unfortunately not on much when my corpies usually are, which sucks a lot. Was casting about for something to do with myself when I watched Mintchip’s video blog. Worth having a look if you’re interested in finding people to fly with. Probably quite light hearted too at a guess, with two organised events per week, one for EU TZ and the other for US. Mission running looks like the focus there.


So, I have this alt just skilling and not doing much else, and figured I’d chuck an app in for him. Did that and about 30 minutes later was talking to an old friend who said, “Hey, watcha doing? In a corp thats about having some fun and running some incursions…” Typical is all I’ll say about that. So, I’ve dusted off another alt…. yes I am a glutton for punishment… and have chucked in an app for that too.


Realistically, it’ll be the second that gets the nod provided I get in. There is nothing like flying with people you like and have flown with before. I know these people. Funny, sarcastic, ironic, irreverent… and thats just the quiet ones 🙂 They also apparently also have enough logi pilots already (Good lord, enough logi? Thats just about unheard of) and so are looking for DPS.


So, this alt has near perfect leadership skills, with good drone, gunnery and command ship (both types) skills to supplement. He’s also the alt with the elite logistics certificate, who is currently working on another racial cruiser to V. Did I mention irony was the order of the day?


Anyways, this should be an awful lot of fun. I can’t wait 🙂





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