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Elite Certificate

July 22, 2011

Hi All,

Quick one today because I haven’t had much time on line recently… and when I was, it was mostly getting fuel for the POS (I loooooooove being independant, and between PI and ice mining I don’t actually have to pay for fuel which is the bees knees).

Ahem…. and back to the point at hand, H is now less than a day away from Cartographer Elite. Me likes, though there has been a SIGNIFICANT amount of pain getting to this point. This comprises of two trees due to the need to get Field Technician to V as well. Breakdown is as follows:

Archaeology V

Hacking V

Salvaging V

Covert Ops V

Astrometric Rangefinding V

Astrometric Pinpointing V

Astrometric Acquisition V

This does not take into account Astrometrics which you need to V in any case as a prereq. Theorycrafting again for a minute, my current scan strength in my helios is about 150. If I spend a significant amount of time doing things for Sisters of EvE, then I should be able to break 180….

There are occasions where I manage to get 100% on a wormhole in one pass. I will be seriously pleased though if I can get 100% hits on Radar and Grav sites without having to resize and reposition the probes all the darned time. Pipe dreams though methinks.

Not entirely sure what to do with H next, though I do have Caldari Cruiser to V… Tengu time perhaps….?



P.S Don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with the patch notes etc for Incarna, but apparently they’ve made a change with one of the updates so that if you resize all the probes, they stay the same relative distance apart…. which (hopefully) means you won’t need to reposition probes if you shrink them down in size. This could be a major WIN for scanny types. Will test later today and let you know πŸ™‚


P.P.S Nope. Suck 😦

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  1. John permalink

    > If I spend a significant amount of time doing things for Sisters of EvE

    That’s you to the core eh? Actually, teasing aside I do understand the self sufficiency argument and there is something rather satisfying about having built/found/acquired something yourself.

    A Tengu even? Actually Tori has one on her training plan since she will probably get Cal cruiser 5 for the falcon. Hmmm, Tengu fleet, niiice πŸ™‚

    • LOL – except for the fact that RL keeps getting in the way as per usual!

      Tengu fleet has a nice sound to it. We should talk about hitting some sleepers methinks. Now all I need do is encourage the others… πŸ™‚

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