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Garde IIs Rock

July 8, 2011

That they do 🙂

I’ve been playing with the Mega a wee bit and thought I’d try out the GIIs, and boy, while they do slightly less DPS than Ogre IIs, the lack of travel time really makes up for it. Optimal and falloff are a little different than the rails with AM, but a target painter seems to really help in that regard.

So…. and I really hope this doesn’t make me lazy, I’ve been sitting still and hammering the crap out of stuff. It won’t work on every mission, purely because the tank isn’t quite good enough, but it tears a new one in most. I can’t wait to see what a 1000 DPS tachyon fit Paladin (thats guns only btw) does… o.O

Which reminds me, are prices all over the place at the moment or what? I’m skilling H as we speak for Amarrian Starship Engineering 4, followed by Battleship Construction 4 so I can actually build one should I choose. Number crunching to follow in a later post.

The great tracking experiment of ’11 is still going, and I’m still unconvinced about the Vindi. It is a terrifyingly good PvP beast at close quarters, but I’m not sure that trying to turn it into an L4 mission meatgrinder is going to work. I could potentially drop one sentry drone and have four) and still carry one flight of light drones for the Holy $#IT moments that do happen now and again.

In any case, and the mcscrooge part of me is talking here…. how many units of faction or T2 ammo per mission will this thing chew through? Thats one huge advantage lasers and the Paladin have. Must be a serious consideration for anyone considering WH living.



P.S EvE is Real is being touted now by CCP. Aurum for taking part, but I suspect thats the carrot. The stick is the $99 registration fee being discussed. While I appreciate from a business perspective what they may be trying to do, one view is that they are trying to manage both the community and message it puts out. Not sure I like that idea either…..

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