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July 1, 2011

Spent vast amounts of iskies today. A Vindicator BP which is cooking as we speak. Also picked up an Oneiros that I’ve decided to call Warpriest. It heals. It enhances in battle. Kind of fitting really.

Now to some relevant details on the grand tracking experiment: the Mega went from 36 + 28.8 to 50 + 50 optimal with the optimal range script and antimatter. Tracking went from 0.0165 to 0.0305 with a tracking script. I would point out that this is with an alt that only has logistics to 3. Room for quite a bit of improvement 🙂

As far as the Vindcator goes, I’ll have a play with neutron blaster cannon IIs. The kind of DPS output is fairly ridiculous at 1600+ (with drones and implants), but has limited applicability due to range limitations. And here’s where Warpriest really comes into play… both by keeping this excessively costly wee beastie in one piece and by extending the range of the ammo. You can drop a mag stabiliser for a tracking enhancer, a cap recharger for a tracking computer, and by my figuring (with grid to spare) an ambit extender rig or a combination of all three.

Now comes the kicker – null ammo. This has a +25% bonus to range and damage. In combination with the above, we really are potentially looking at way above railgun DPS at close to railgun ranges. And if all else fails and I decide it’s not worth sodding around with the Vindicator… I can always sell it for fun and profitses 🙂



P.S Not so sure about the profitses bit, but if I break even, I’ll be happy.

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