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When I said we need more space CCP…

June 25, 2011

…I didn’t mean by having you drive away a signficant portion of your playerbase!

Not sure where you are heading with Incarna. Certainly not sure where you’re heading with the whole microtransactions thing (and btw the only, and I mean ONLY thing I might be interested is logos on ships), but by crikey, has the volcano swapped the local magnetic field polarity up there or something?

Frankly, I had a play with it and went “Meh”. Still used the old tabs and shortcuts to get what I needed while standing in one spot in CQ. As soon as a corpmate mentioned she was having major issues with  docking/undocking, I figured out how to turn it off, and off it remained. Liked the agent finder, thats pretty good. The new turrets are OK. Really not so sure about the icons though, while they reflect the way the item now looks, they seem somehow uglier. There is certainly a disparity in style between the old and the new.

Here’s my point to CCP, leave CQ as optional. Seriously, if you don’t give the players the chance to stick their fingers in their ears and go la la laaaaaa and ignore this pretty much unwanted expansion, I see big, and I mean seriously big issues on the horizon. Here’s my point to the players themselves, uncheck the damn check box. Stick your fingers in your ears and go la la laaaaaa. The game we love is still there hiding under a layer, but it is still there.

If I can ignore looking at a station door for extended periods, then so can you.





P.S It’s Monday afternoon here as I’m typing this. The purple line of doom peaked higher than the green overnight. Go to and have a look at the server graph. Right hand side towards the bottom. The purple represents how many people were on line last week…

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