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May 31, 2011

Today marks the three year anniversary since the creation of Helena Khan. And a little less than 30 days later came her first podding, at the hands of one Kale Kold and crew of the VLK.

Much irony occurred at the last CSM when whoever was behind KK put himself up for election, got an absolute serve and couldn’t provide any sort of answer. He ragequit. Needless to say, shows the lack of any kind of moral fortitude. Sorry all you other pirates out there, but the bloke is a tosswad and it coloured my viewpoint for a long time.

Anyhoo… I digress. The next podding came 1000 days ago when I jumped into low sec again, but this time to help a mate. Ishkur down. Pod down. The same adrenaline overload and anger as the last time, though at least this time it was done in the knowledge of what low sec really meant, and the likelyhood of death.

Fast forward to a month ago. Laggy net connection, slow arsed ship, and trying to EvE run on a laptop thats three years old. 60 pilots on a run deep into another territory to try and knock over a POS with an eventual view to grab SOV. Mistake made at the gate, ship and pod lost unnecessarily. Disappointment at the mistake and the loss of implants, but meh it was expected. Got some kills and on some kill mails, so all evens out.

Perhaps I’ve finally eveolved into an actual pod pilot. Still don’t like to lose, but the pride and hubris and absolute fanaticism of staying alive has gone. Lessens the sting of a podding enormously.

So… what has H done in that time? Made some mistakes and what were potentially ones – taking a faction battleship into a wormhole to try and take on some sleepers certainly springs to mind. What was arguably worse was collapsing the wormhole on the outbound to high sec stranding a couple of corpmates.

I’ve warped to a gate in a pod just as a 30 man fleet of reds has jumped in. Spamming the jump button does not work when you’re sitting at 2503 meters… figuring that out seemed to take an eternity.

I’ve created a corporation and put up a POS, knocked over a few too. Taken part in some sizable battles both in K space and wormholes, but still lack the experience of a knock down drag out capital fight…. thats really for one of the alts though.

One of my favorite memories is running L4 missions in an Ishkur. It can be done with good drone and gunnery skills and a bit of care. Webbers and more importantly stasis towers are an absolute bane, but you can do them. An awful lot of fun.

I’ve enjoyed the corp life, alliance life not so much. There are people I still keep in contact from my first ever corp, though they and I are often in different time zones. RL demands also stops me a lot of the time. The girl calls EvE my mistress, when really it’s actually work. It is always nice to catch up to people from way back when though.

I was intending to have an old pic of H and pie chart from EvEmon and compare with a new… but having a few problems with the gallery, so… a break down might just have to do instead:

A little under 20million SPs per year

10 million in spaceship command

10 million in science

7.5 million in gunnery

7.3 million in drones

4 million in navigation

4 million in electronics

3.6 million in mechanic

3.4 million in industry

2.5 in engineering

about 3 million in the rest

I once took that what type of pod pilot are you. Combat industrialist indeed 🙂

Looking forward to the next couple of years…. provided RL gives me enough time to log on on a regular basis!!! Good for knocking out those god awful month long skills though.

See you in space….


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One Comment
  1. John permalink

    As one of the pilots stranded in the wormhole, it wasn’t so bad. At least we had a probe launcher and OK-ish scanning skills. In any case, no grudges held, so – Happy Birthday H. Hope you are still around after 3 more.

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