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Well, well, well… 3 holes in the ground. With water in them.

May 20, 2011

Hi All,

I had an unusual day today.  The weirdness magnet was turned all the way up to 11. And THEN I got an invite to take part in CCPs annual survey.

In between the bouts of strangeness coming my way (and we shan’t even mention just how badly internal IT departments, with a help of a project manager or two can get it so absolutely wrong), a dodgy mobile broadband that won’t let me download after it swaps between networks, and just the sheer volume of crapola that went on, I managed to complete it.

Not going to tell you precisely what was in it, but you can be absolutely sure that I had my say about a few things. Looking back, the results were interesting to say the least. Stuff I was kind of aware of, but not really paying much attention to. I don’t actually watch TV. Rather play EvE instead.

Favourite website was (sorry CK – but for a quick grab of new blog posts, Kirith’s got one over on you). I also mentioned, mostly because the Star Wars genre has always interested me ever since the original movie blasted across my consciousness as a 14 year old. Sith inquisitor, anyone…? Must…. fight…. carebear…. tendencies…. not… Jedi… Consular…

Anyways, SWTOR is something CCP needs to be aware of. Not just because I have high hopes for the game (it IS Bioware though… omg flashback to Icewind Dale, which had possibly some of the best gaming music EVER, Baldur’s Gate, Torment etc etc), but because I want CCP and EvE to succeed. They need to know what people like you and me are considering as alternatives. And to decide on retention strategies.

And lastly, and possibly most bizarrely, EvE is the only game I’m currently playing. And not much of it if I am truthful. RL is just staggeringly busy at present. I’m doing about 2 and a half peoples work right now. 12 hour days are the norm, so between work and family life and about 6 hours sleep a night, there ain’t much left.

I have to go now. It’s Friday night here. The Girl has had a glass of wine. Possibly two. And I am being… distracted…

Fly Smart,


P.S Here’s hoping the feedback I gave reaches receptive ears… and that I match the demographic CCP is interested in. Coz, and lets be honest here , if I’m not representative of the ongoing business interests of CCP, my feedback means little. If that is the case, all I need do is do the same as every other player does, and find the niche within EvE that really mean something to me.

P.P.S REALLY got to go…!

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