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PI = Pain In the #$%!

May 6, 2011

Hi All,

I’ve been experimenting with PI of late (have this bad habit of picking up skills, getting them to a reasonable level then being sidetracked onto other things) for POS fuels, and perhaps an eye to POS construction. Oooo, and lets not forget the odd requirement for various bits of ammo.

Perhaps it’s me, mebbe I’m just not quite getting it yet, but the routing is driving me crazy. Once you’ve got your extraction units all installed and the program is set up, it appears that you need to click about a dozen times to set up sufficient routes for all of the products being sent for manufacture.

Who arbitrarily set 3000 at the limit I have to ask??? Would have been much easier to set up routing with a slider that goes to 100%, and if you set it lower than that, the ability to set another one or more links up to a combined 100% total. That would stop the serious click fest that routing currently is.

On another note – another week, another wardec. Just what is up with the Orphanage anyways? That’s twice now. Beginning to think they may be a wee bit bored or something….

Fly smart,


P.S Just found out Ripard Teg (Jester’s Trek) is also pulling the pin. Not happy. CCP, we’re losing some luminaries here. Mandrill is another. Not sure what the cause is exactly, Bitter Old Vet syndrome? I think perhaps that a part of it. My feeling is that players and alliances have just become too successful in the space we have available.

Don’t believe me? Pull up dotlan and check sov. There is very little unclaimed. Now have a look at the number of stations. There are more in systems than not. Add to that 157 man supercap fleets, and what’s left? Not much. Certainly not from an “end game” perspective, where the choices are join up or be squished it seems.


We need more space….

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